I See The Real, Concealed In The Day’s Bright Lie

Ahh, day off #2 started well. I slept in, which is nice. This recent illness knocked the wind out of me even worse than strep did. I haven’t slept this much in awhile. Of course, everyone here has been a little exhausted lately, so I think it’s just in the air. Anyhow, when I got up I went for a nice long walk down the seawall, then up through the old city quarter, then up past the other side of Terminal, then back down to Front Road, then up to the Timmy’s before I ran into Music Maxx. Wow. They have two amazing guitar rooms. They have these crazy pink Fenders (one is a Stratocaster and the other is a Telecaster) that are both neon pink with candy-colored paisley patterns on them, covered in sparkles *lol*. They had a really beautiful, pinstriped Les Paul, and a starter kit for kids that was heart-shaped. Their Acoustic Aria guitars are $100 less than the ones at the Pawnbrokers (the pawnbrokers sell new and used musical equipment). They had the cobalt blue one there for $99.
I picked up a 1/4"x1/4" 10′ male to male guitar cable, ordered in some sheet music, bought some blank tabs, got some picks and priced out an XLMf to 1/4" male 25′ cable for the Shure mic, as well as that sweet Samson CO1U USB condenser mic I was looking at for my podcast, and studio recording. It’s pretty excellent. They sell new pickups. and pickguards, mic-stand pieces, cleaning kits, keys, cases, mic diffusers…
They had an SE brand condenser mic for $65 I was considering, but I’m not sure if it’s USB. That will likely be a purchase reserved for after the purchase of my new computer. I need the condenser mic, a spidermount and a diffuser screen. My guitar uses the Artiste D’ddario Classical Strings.

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 06/06/2008.

2 Responses to “I See The Real, Concealed In The Day’s Bright Lie”

  1. ooo pretty guitar! I’ve been learning a little bit on and off with my guitar, so w00t!

  2. Yes, I went looking for pictures of this paisley guitar, apparently the set (The Strat is a lead guitar, and the Telecaster is the bass edition) is circa 1968 and is LE. I’m going to have to go back and check out the price, because I rather liked this guitar. The only other Strats I liked were the blue flame paisley guitar, the pastel pink, and the pastel yellow (this yellow is the same lemon-meringue color you’d find on a classic LE topless charger). I like them because they’re unique. The pastel pink one reminds me a little too much of the Breast Cancer Foundation though. lol.

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