I Become Fires End To The Dust Of Bones

Hello all.
The great move has finally taken place. I was mistaken, when I last stated that Chris and Jenelle had departed from our humble block. Maggie had. So anyhow, the move is over, and we were given some new furniture. Mom organized the kitchen in order to put in the new coffee bar (which is a set of drawers with a central cabinet). We had to temporarily remove the kitchen table from the premises and put it into storage. It’s probably okay anyhow, as we don’t usually commune for meals. Our schedules tend to err on the schizophrenic side.
I got a new dresser, so I had to discard my old one. Anyhow, that required moving and unpacking boxes, and now my space resembles and actual room. Love it. I’m going to set up my computer later.
Anyhow, since we were moving heavy things all day yesterday, and I managed to find my orthodics, and I only got 2 hours of sleep, and I have an evil sinus infection, I feel like my head is a bowling ball. I imagine this is what being in a train accident feels like. If there is a point beyond exhausted– I have certainly reached it. But you know what? I still had a wonderful day, despite everything. It was Blaine and Wanda on with me today. Wanda is, for some reason beyond logic, quitting, and Blaine is new and the definition of stoicism all the time. I just prepped and rested my feet. I haven’t worn my orthodics in two months, so getting used to them feels like standing barefoot on exposed rebar.
But I got off of work at 3, I paid my rent, I got my insulin for $30 less than I expected, I put $200 into savings and I paid all of my bills, and I still have a few dollars to call my own. I’m also getting paid again on Friday, and it should be decent, so I am feeling great right now. Now all I have to do is make more soup, finish sorting out my room, and fish out my skipping rope (I’m starting a cardio program) and I’m set!!
Have a great day, people!
The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.
Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient.

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 06/02/2008.

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