In The Night I Break Into Sparks Of Suns

The last few days have been busy (or, rather, errand-heavy). I didn’t do much for my birthday, other than talk about it. I’m amused by how many people there are that seem to think it was unreasonable for me to have to work on my birthday, but then again these are people who are at least 5 years my junior. For the adults, it was a normal concept. It seems that the older you get, the more you come to realize that your birthday (for the most part) is just another day. It’s strange, too, because my birthday has always been a big event (I used to throw huge parties near to or on my birthday every year), likely because we never really did much celebrating, other than on Christmas and Halloween, and even then, the celebration was pretty lackluster. Christmas was always a day that we slept in, ate breakfast, opened our presents fast and then spent the rest of the day alone playing with our new toys. (For my last two family Christmases, I got a Nintendo DS game and a 4L jar of pickles). It’s pretty much a rule that we don’t exchange gifts on Christmas. We can if we really want to, but Christmas is about family. There’s no sense in going mutually broke getting one another gifts, if we could simply save our money and spend time together, and if we chose to, get something nice for ourselves, or something small for someone else. As for Halloween (which is my favorite day of the year), as you get older, the more inappropriate it is in the eye of society for you to celebrate it. I just love dressing up in costume. It’s a blast.
And then yesterday I got my license renewed. I have a new distaste for the BC Driver’s Licensing Program. Apparently because I’m diabetic, I have to go to Vancouver in the next 45 days and get a physical and an eye exam (both of which I’m due for anyhow and are in the same building), so I have to take the ferry across in the morning, have my exams in North Van, then take a 2 hour transit ride to Surrey (I had enough of a hard time getting the 6 blocks from my doctor’s office to my apartment, given the fact that my pupils were completely dilated). Although, I will likely spend the afternoon, Downtown, with Chris, drinking an unhealthy amount of Starbucks Coffee.
Vancouver is my wonderdrug. It’s always been my home, always been in my heart. I just know it’s not where I belong right now. And who knows, it may never be. But I love it there. There is so much that I love to see and do there, so many people that I love are there. Speaking of which, Nathaniel is sitting up, crawling and laughing now, and I wasn’t there to see it. I just want to hold him in my arms and tell him how much I love him. And Shai-Ann got her first ever haircut. She had beautiful, long hair, but she asked her Mama to cut it, so all I want to do is kiss her sweet face and tell her how beautiful she is. I will still probably stay at Rachel’s; Too many people at Kat’s.
And also, yesterday, I got to spend the evening pissed off because I was one of a few people who were incorrectly blamed for something we were not responsible for. My boss was angry that the graveyard shift didn’t finish their prep, and for some reason, we were held accountable for not making sure they did it. I had to console one coworker who burst into tears, and work all day with another who was right pissed off. Not to mention that I had to do almost all of the prep by myself (except one tast that a trainee did, and well). The situation got resolved, but the whole thing was rank with unprofessionalism, and we had to pass that buck on to the graveyard workers. I was not impressed. I was so tired after doing all of that prep (I cut 150 pounds worth of onions and prepped 50 pounds worth of onion rings) that I literally passed out when I got home.
And last but not least, I have an announcement: My podcast is coming back! It will probably be another month or so before I have an episode out, but now that my computer is working, I just have to set up my recording area and install my programs. I’ve been itching to get back to it, and listening to NPR again, rewatching Veronica Mars, so the inspiration fire has been relit. I’m changing my format, a bit, I haven’t got a definitive vision yet, and I cannot guarantee the same recording quality because my PC is a piece of shit, but something is better than nothing. …You can’t stop the signal!!
In the meantime, please visit my podcast site…

I don’t know if the episodes are working at the moment, but I’ll be reposting them. I found a new place to host streaming audio for free, so I will have the episodes readily available to listen to either online, or mirrored on various filehosting sites for download. I’m really excited to get back to it, because even just my promo was well-received. I got two subscribers just with a 3 minute piece, and I have affiliates in Undead America and Upside Down and Halfway To Happyland. Very excited.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.

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One Response to “In The Night I Break Into Sparks Of Suns”

  1. Yay podcast! *excited* Wish I was still in Van! *pouts* (hugs and luffs!)

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