Pretty Things Are What We Long To Be

I’m starting to think that psychologically, I may be an interesting to be psychoanalysed. My dreams are so disturbing sometimes that even I don’t know how my subconscious thinks up shit that disturbing. I’ve had two notable dreams in my lifetime that have disturbed me so much that I’ve had to wake up just to vomit. That’s my saving grace– that I was so disturbed by them that they made me sick. I know that for the most part, dreams aren’t literal, but still. I won’t even tell you the details, all I know is that they were just wrong.
And other times, my dreams are just strange. There was one where my school was made out of slides, and people didn’t walk, they took slides everywhere. I had a dream that I dropped out of the sky and landed in a red barcalounger in the middle of the mall parking lot. I had many, many dreams that I could just fly after a running start. Last night I had a dream that our house was infested with Brown Recluse Spiders, and they were huge and wiry and hairy, and I was running around spraying insecticide at these basketball-sized chewbacca-looking spiders, before I saw one that was hairless and shiny, and every time I hit it with something it shrunk up like an ac then re-inflated and tried to eat me. It was a really silly dream. I also had a dream once that I bit down on a piece of toast covered in strawberry jam, and my teeth fell out and stuck to the bread. I’ve carried a toothbrush, paste and mouthwash with me ever since. I’ve also carried floss. I was 14.
There may be something wrong with me. LOL.
Something new I’ve learned about this evening… Geocaching. Ben does it, and I’m thinking I may join in on it sometime. Geocaching is a hobby that is known worldwide. Packages are hidden all over the world that contain messages and trinkets. You’re given a list of coordinates for every package in existence, and with your own, portable GPS tracker, you go and find them. When you find one, you are supposed to take one of the trinkets (or messages) from inside it and leave one behind, then register the serial number of the package on your geocaching profile and find the next one. It involves being active and going out and seeing places you’ve never been to, which sounds totally great. I want to create a package that has nothing but cookie fortunes in it!! I think that would be neat. Apparently there is one dedicated solely to legomen. I believe you get warning about what the theme of the package is so that you know what to leave behind. But the trinkets are in circulation, you don’t keep them, you’d leave that trinket you retrieved in another package, and the trinkets get tracked, so people know all the different places it’s been. It sounds really neat.
And today, for some reason, I really wish I knew more about martial arts. I’ve been thinking about it all day, for some reason.
This commerical is really sexy. It can’t be helped.
This is one of those commercials you see, and you ask
yourself why this can’t be your life. LOL.



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