Is It Too Late? Nothing To Salvage?

Open mic. Oh my goodness. Mom and I decided to get really dressed up. I wore my Lip Service Dress, and everyone was staring at us when we came in (haha). I guess it’s different for Nanaimo, although I remember the same reaction when I wore it in Vancouver.
(mine is a green-blue color)
I did three of my own songs (I’m Trying, Charcoal Tears & Your God), but I am my own worst critic, so I won’t comment other than to say that everyone else liked them. Colin offered to sit down with me and write some music together sometime, because he’s amazing on the guitar, and he thinks I have the potential for awesomeness.  I’m hoping that Gee can figure out how to pipe some of my instrumentals through the mixing board, because then I can sing to my own music. That should enhance things a bit. Tenille performed too, her first time, and she was so nervous but she did very well. She has a beautiful voice.
This week, Kendall brought a friend who looked exactly like Topher Grace (Foreman from That 70’s Show) and everyone who noticed kept staring at him. It was awesome. We’ve also decided that when Ian is baked, he looks like Elijah Wood. I made an observation about Kendall that I wish I hadn’t. She still plays better than I do, considering that I can’t play at all, but she turns all of her stuff (even covers) into four-chord instrumentals, and it’s always the same 4 chords, only rearranged. She’s playing the four chords of death, the ones that Blink 182 used to write every song they ‘cloned’. I was a little disappointed when I realized it. Oh well, that doesn’t make her a poor performer or anything. She does better on that front than I could hope to. I suppose playing four chords would make it much easier to sing and play at the same time. Also, I saw Kris and James tonight. I completely didn’t recognize them at first (I thought they were strange, creepy people) and I felt like such an ass. LOL.
Week 3 and counting. I’m really hoping that the concern I’m having is just all in my head.
I join the queue on your answerphone and all I am is holding breath. Just pick up, I know you’re there, can’t you hear I’m not myself? I’m a slow-motion accident, lost in coffee rings and fingerprints, I don’t wanna feel anything, but I do and it all depends on you.

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/20/2008.

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