Stars We Don’t Want To Reach, Scars We Don’t Want To Stitch

Ah, the latest online drama in my life has taken place. This is what I get for being outspoken. Tori has been posting notes of a somewhat controversial and philosophical nature, that ask questions of humanity. Her first addressed insecurity and the acceptance of others. This post came shortly after she had begun discussing with me how she was feeling self-conscious about herself and her body and wanted me to help her to overcome it and help to teach her how to love herself. She’s not as self-conscious as she thinks she is, but she definitely does what I do, and drives through it to get used to how it feels to be exposed.

Either way, in her post, she seemed to get rather upset that instead of accepting one another’s differences, for some reason all most people seem to do is take exception to differences in other people, and point them out (either through mocking or protestation). And then she said something sort-of contradictory to her ultimate mission statement, that was definitely a detraction from her journey to self-acceptance: “If you could just accept people for who they are, those people wouldn’t be so insecure and the world would be a better place.” I’m paraphrasing, but that’s essentially what she said. So my reply, although likely not what she was looking for, was what I felt she needed to hear. Mankind is that way. They fear what is different, and rationalize everything they can’t understand, stop or destroy. It’s likely a trait of the human race that will never change. However, it seemed to me she was misplacing the responsibility of who makes her feel self-conscious and blaming it on everyone but herself. I pointed out to her that in the end, she is the person who decides how other people make her feel about herself. If she doesn’t want to feel insecure, then she needs to stop caring what the inconsequential opinions of people who don’t matter are. And yes, to a certain extent, I need to follow my own advice.

She followed up this post with one about what it is to be genuine. I think that she misunderstood the meaning of genuine, somewhat, or wasn’t specific enough as to what she meant by it. All-in-all, she meant what it is to be a good, forthright person, who does what other people need them to, and not just glossing over everything to look nice. So I explained that in certain situations, saying exactly what is on your mind can be harmful, even if it is the truth. In the end, you are still not the be-all and end-all of knowledge and opinion in the universe, so if you go about wagging your jaw letting the harsh truth of how you think and feel hang out, despite the hurt it may cause others, then it may have no benefit whatsoever. Instead of saying you hate something, you could do one better and say you don’t like it, but someone else might (and that is true, and it’s not a one-sided truth). I pretty well just said that if you’re too honest, sometimes it can repel people. And then I get the most interesting response so far: from some guy named Steele. He asked if we thought it was amusing how some people seem to think they’re philosophers. I think he was trying to imply that I was being pretentious. What I found most amusing was that I was getting a veiled insult from someone about my opinion when the entire thing was about being genuine and accepting the opinions of others! And for that matter, this is someone who doesn’t even know me. I make one comment and some 24 year old stranger thinks he’s got me pegged? Pfft!

The most recent in this series, is a post about how having a personal philosophy still does not make that philosophy fact, correct, or even incorrect. Almost everyone has a philosophy about certain things, and again, they are entirely subjective! She went on to say that anything said in conversation should be said to add to it, not to take away from it. I agree.


Today is the Empire Days parade. I’m finishing up the latest pot of Spooky Doom Soup and then I’m going for a walk. I was supposed to go to the bay to watch the fireworks tonight at 10p, but I got called into work from 7-11pm. *sad* Happy summery sunday!

Remember, remember the 5th of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I see no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot.



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