I Will Effect You, I Will Protect You

I can’t wait until I’m down to one job. As it stands at the moment, I am working so many hours that I don’t have time for anything. Mom is actually giving me a hard time for how many hours I’m working, at my days have been completely obsorbed from morning to night. I really want to make the time to grocery shop and go to the gym. I’m actually going to the gym tomorrow after work. I usually do a warm-up on the bike, and a cooldown on the treadmill, but I’m cutting out my cooldown because it’s in Harewood and a 20 minute walk to and from. I usually spend about an hour and a half weightlifting. I’m doing an all-over workout tomorrow instead of just a muscle group, though, because I have a hot tub at my disposal afterwards, and my easy job on Saturday so I can relax my sore body. But I’m concentrating on legs and back. I’ve been considering joining a rowing team for the summer. I loved it the time I tried it out in Penticton.

Ever since I started working at A&W, I’ve just felt huge all the time. I’m sure it’s just subliminal influence, but I’ve been almost obsessed with finding time to go to the gym for the last week. I would get a membership, but they’re obscenely expensive. The gym at the aquatic center is $70 a month. That’s more than three times what I paid on the mainland. INSANE. I’m probably going to swim some laps, too. Goody!

The Empire Days parade is on Sunday. Looking forward to it, taking pictures, walking around with the guys and the long walk involved. It will probably be Tori, Brad, Chris and possibly some other people. Mom wants to spend Sunday clearing crap out of the house. It’s her annual “Oh, we own too much stuff” liquidation. *sigh*



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/16/2008.

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