I Am Wanted: Enemy Number One

What a day. I almost never want to do that again. It always amuses me how kindness is almost always repaid poorly, although sometimes by the universe and not necessarily by the person who asked for the favor. But seriously– I got called in to work for a 5 hour shift at The Dub, to which I said yes (I didn’t give it enough thought before I agreed to it because I actually did have some important things to do), so I had to go packing my open mic clothes. I was shocked. I wore this grey skirt I just bought, and am totally in love with, however, when I tried it on I was still wearing the edema, and now that I’m not, it’s too big!! Oh well, it could have ended up being too small, so I’ll grant myself fortunate and continue to hide it from my Mom.

My Mom has lost 26 pounds since I moved in. None of her clothes fit. Congrats, Mom. You’re going to have to buy new clothes.

Anyhow, I get to work and nothing is stocked. We’re out of order bags, out of shake mix, out of cookies, out of milk, almost out of apple juice, out of napkins, out of coffee cup lids, out of medium cups, my credit pen is missing, there are no clean trays, half my mugs have been washed but haven’t been frosted, I’m almost out of till cash. And I would say that about 15 minutes after I got there I got slammed with the dinner rush early. We had drive-thru lineups, lineups at the cash register, and I was doing this alone. And at the same time, Wanda was also out of everything and alone in the kitchen, so I was trying to resist the urge to occasionally run back there and help between customers (I helped a little). And on top of all of that, we were supposed to be training someone and ended up having to give him prep work because it was too busy to teach him anything. All-in-all, for a voluntary shift, it was pretty lame. It all came out in the wash, though, because we were all feeling better by the end of my shift. I raced to change in the bathroom at work and ran to The Vault. I had no songs prepared, but I went up anyway. I felt really lucky, too, because Tori and Ian came, and so did two guys from work. Usually, for people I know, it’s just Mom and I, and the few people at open mic I’ve gotten to know over the last month. Kendall and Alisha came this week, too.

I love Shaw Video On Demand, can I just tell you that? We get a lot of it for free, and at night when I’m cleaning my room, doing my art, or rearranging furniture, I like to have my mind stimulated, you know? So I can put it on and just go to it. It’s one of the many reasons I love audio commentaries on DVD’s. If I wasn’t so strange that way, I would have gone insane from boredom when I was in the hospital. Thank goodness for my iPod, that is all I can say.

Another working day awaits! I hope you are well!

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/13/2008.

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