Happiness Wouldn’t Be Happiness Without A Violin-Playing Goat…

First order of business:
Happy Mother’s Day!Mom and I watched Notting Hill together tonight. We both saw it for the first time at the cheap theatre in New West when it came out. We originally went to see something else and decided to go to see Notting Hill when we discovered the film we had wanted to see was sold out. We thought we were in for a horrid chick flick that we were both going to scoff at the fluffiness of, and left crying, singing and holding hands. And each and every time we’ve seen it since, we’ve thought of one another.I am so thankful to have my Mother in my life. I know that sounds silly, because most people always have their Mothers in their lives. But not me. With all of the awful things that happened when I was little, my Mom had a breakdown and gave us all to other people to look after and raise, and she moved to Tucson, Arizona. I didn’t see my Mom for 7 years, and in that 7 years I heard from her very seldomly. It wasn’t until she moved from Comox (she and my Step-Dad managed Port Augusta Inn & Suites) to Surrey that I got to see her again. It took a lot of forgiveness and a lot of time, but we’ve rebuilt our relationship, and may even be closer for it.Mom: I am thankful for every kindness, every moment of love and forgiveness, every smile, every hug, every tear, every moment, every thing that I experience from having you in my life. It could have been that we’d never have seen each other again; but we have. And I am forever lucky to have you as a Mother. I love you. I love you. I LOVE YOU. And there will never be any other way to say it in a way that could make you understand the depth of my love for you, except this evening when I hugged you and cried. Happy Mother’s Day.As far as things and I go, I am well. I worked too hard this week and found out what the consequences are. My edema is back and I’m back on the water pills until it goes away. I swelled up so bad that my legs got swollen and too tight to even bend much at the knees. My pants were fitting all funny and I felt huge. My ankles were all puddling over my socks and getting woggly-joggly like jello. That,  and my feet had beluga-whale-head tops. And the pain– THE PAIN. Edema hurts, like some crazy person walked up and just started whacking your body with a baseball bat. No more working this hard. It’s bad for me. Okay. No more whining. We’ve narrowed down the problem and have found a solution. Problem conquered.Next up: My paycheque was due in my bank account on Friday morning. We have direct deposit. It is now Sunday morning and still no paycheque. I am both angered and irritated, as I have bills to pay and it’s Mother’s Day and I have just enough to cover my OWN breakfast (because if I paid for Mom’s she would refuse it, because she would want me to sit there and watch everyone else eat). I had a plan! We had a nice day planned out! I am so beyond unimpressed! If this was an insulin paycheque, I’d be royally SOL right now. This cannot be happening. This is completely unacceptable. One day late I can understand, I can live with. But by the time I get my money in my account it will be nearing or passing the halfway to a week point, and I’m sorry, but even with an accountant being a nincompoop, it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure this doesn’t happen, and to find a fast solution to it if it does. There is already ONE TOO MANY PEOPLE IN THIS HOUSE not receiving his paycheques. I am not about to join in on that irritation.This week has been one for the books. Things have got to be looking up.

Marc Chagall “Le Mariee” (1927)It feels like how being in love should be. Floating through a dark blue sky.


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