A Mermaid, A Beach-Bum, Restless For A Great Wave

Good afternoon! I am finally seeking some refuge in from the heat, and hanging out with my Mom. She finally caught strep. We all warned her, but my Mom can be bullheaded. We love her anyway. Either way, here we are. We had planned on skipping open mic, but Mom had to go to the pharmacy for her meds, and we stopped by long enough for two songs. I did Hey Aimee and Good Mother. My nerves are certainly improving.

I have to find my sunscreen now, because I’m convinced that the weather is going to stay fairly nice. May tends to do that. It always gets awesome in May, at least it does historically.

I have to comment on something: New Diamond Shreddies. Seriously… WTF?? The first time I heard of Diamond Shreddies, I saw the commercial and thought it was supposed to be a joke, but then the ad campaign flared up and got serious. Honestly, you take classic shreddies, turn them 45 degrees and decide that they’re diamonds and not squares?! Is this not the hugest example of marketing bullshittery you have ever seen? This was a topic discussed over a month ago, but with most of the family in sick recently, I have been subjected to their stupid ad campaign just one too many times to leave it without commentary. What do you think? Is America really this gullible? Thank you, Post Cereal, for insulting my intelligence! (Actually, I’m almost envious of how ingenious it is, because it really is a joke, making fun of how gullible people are, and at the same time is a great marketing platform for the gullible people who didn’t get the joke…)

We have a visitor, although he isn’t staying in our house. His name is Taz, and he’s an unfortunate, homeless guy who lost everything to medical bills. He has cancer and a bunch of tumors in his intestines. The poor guy just got out of the hospital two days ago, and scared us all in the middle of the night when he stowed away in our basement during a storm. He ended up dragging a bunch of old wood from our half-destroyed shed to make himself a lean-to in the back yard. Anyhow, the noise scared us all, and it disturbed any chance at sleep I had until I knew he was there. We’re just glad that if he was going to find anywhere to set up camp, it was here. When we found him, we had the RCMP drive by to see if he was okay before we chanced going out to see him. They say he’s okay, but he probably doesn’t have much time left. He begged us to let him stay. We bring him food and coffee and we’re taking him some candles. Obviously, we can’t have him coming into the house, but we’re still compassionate people. He’s dying, and he deserves some compassion. We check on him a few times a day, if we can, to make sure he’s doing okay. There isn’t much we can do, but at least it’s something. I’d imagine he’s in a lot of pain. It’s cruel to know he’s there with nowhere to go, and let him starve to death as well. It sort-of hits close to home with me, because I’ve come very close to being where he is. I’ve had to choose between medicine and food before. Speaking of which, I have to take him some food, shortly. He offered to help do some yard work, but we told him not to worry about it. Sometimes generosity comes without strings attached, and he deserves to know it before he goes.

Have you ever known something was present in your life that you could just completely fall all over yourself about if only you knew how? This is new for me, on so many levels. To err on the side of caution has not often been my style. However, I know blindly diving into anything could serve to truly hurt me. Somehow I know I may have to anyway, and anything I could fall all over myself for might just be worth risking for. Be bold. Be brave. If not getting something out of life that you don’t have is the worst you can do, then if you try and fail, you’re still right where you started.

I’m still getting calls for job interviews. Subway just called. Fields called last week.

I’ve decided to take the return of my insomnia as a good thing. When I started getting sick, and for all the years I was sick, my insomnia was non-existant. In fact, I’d begun sleeping too much. I’ve had insomnia all my life, as have my sisters, my Mom and my Brother. I don’t think it’s indicative of anything. My body is just used to being asleep at a particular time. I usually go to bed around 2am, although it isn’t terribly uncommon for me to go to bed later. Yesterday I got so comfortable on the couch while watching Ratatouille with Mom, that I literally slept for 3 hours. Naps are a contributor to my being up at night, for sure. I guess I just need some incentive to spend more time in bed… …like walking more. o.O”

It’s crazy beautiful outside. I really wish I had a friend with a boat, here. I’d be all over that. I miss wakeboarding in White Rock. Hell, I miss the beach in White Rock. When I lived there, we used to spend all day down around Marine Drive. We hiked from White Rock beach to Crescent beach quite frequently, or walked the waterfront up to the city center and then back to the house. We averaged a good 15k a day. These were skinnier times for me. Either way, being on a boat in my bikini, possibly with a billabong surf shirt on, getting prepared to get wet is totally a day that I need. Want.

When I’m speeding across the water on a boat, taking in the sunshine and the fresh air, I feel like my soul goes as far as the end of the earth. I feel vast. I feel endless. I feel unstoppable. I have a mad love for summer. It’s strange, I’ve had a developing fear of natural bodies of water since I was a kid. I have no idea why, but I’ve spent my life since then trying to overcome it. I love the water. I love to swim. If I could be any mythical creature, I would be a mermaid.

I’ll solace myself with the eventual resurrection of our hammock, and a surprise water fight. Pelting the innocent with water balloons is fun. *mischievous hands* I will win. Haha.

  Mahalo! Love the surf.

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/05/2008.

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