The Espresso Pump: A Highly Caffeinated Podcast (Coming Soon!)

Welcome to my latest endeavor! Out of sheer entrepreneurial boredom, and massive inspiration, I have started my own podcast. You may have heard whisperings about this as far back as December or January, and I need your help!

I’m currently working on my very first podcast episode, and I need people to send in their Buffy stories. So what I need is:

Send me an email with your story about how you came to be a Buffy fan (when you first got into the show– if you did, thru the show or the movie), how Buffy has changed your life, and what your favorite Buffy episode or moment was. I’m hoping to read these letters on the air. If you would like to BE on the show, record your story to mp3 and email me a link to the file (you can host your file on or at

Thanks! You can check out my podcast blog @





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