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Hello everyone,

If you’ve happened upon my podcast blog before the podcast is up and running, my deepest apologies for not having content for you. I am currently in production for my first episode. Just to give you some idea of what you can expect, my first two seasons will be solely dedicated to Buffy & Angel, and I will likely move on to Firefly after that. I was inspired to create my own podcast by the other podcasts I’ve found in the Buffy podcast network.

My first episode will begin where Buffy began: with the movie. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, please tune in, because I’ve done an incredible amount of research for this episode. I’ve got comparisons between the movie and the comic book, and comparisons between the movie and Joss’ TV flashback on Buffy. There’s lots of fun to be had and heard, and I will be moving on to the TV series after this. I hope you enjoy it when it’s done.

I may not be available through iTunes right away, but I am working on it. iTunes will primarily be in an iPod format, but the mp3 feed for other listeners without iPods will be available here on the blog.

As done as a long and much loved tradition on UPSIDE DOWN & HALFWAY TO HAPPYLAND, I am accepting “Buffy” stories (where your love of the show began, and how watching it has changed or effected your life, and what your favorite Buffy moment or episode was and why), so email them in, record them to mp3 and email them to me (although if anyone knows how to use YouSendIt or Sendspace, you could email me the link and save my inbox from doom). You can email me with your opinions on Buffy episodes and favorite moments and episodes, stories about how Buffy has changed your life… etc at:

(Please put ESPRESSOPUMP somewhere in your subject so I know you’re not spamming me).


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