Movie Review: Super Bad

Movie Review: Super Bad

Opening night was a supreme letdown to anyone who gave themselves an extra 20 minutes to get to the theatre to buy their tickets early. By the time I got to the theatre, early enough to have thought I’d be able to get in to see this on my day off, there was a lineup at the box offices long enough to have needed to camp out to get into. The movie was fully sold out, with person after person being turned away, more conniving, underaged kids buying tickets to other movies and then sneaking into theatre one. So I gave up on day one and rented VACANCY. It was good.

Anyway, last night I got to the theatre TWO HOURS early and bought my ticket. I was absolutely getting in to see it. I did. I ended up pretending to be a guardian to a group of 7-8 sixteen year old boys (because let’s face it, I’d rather see them get to use the $10 they each spent to get in, and I really don’t want to get spit on by a bunch of immature fuckfaces). Anyway, the movie was great.

It reminded me of how the world is facing this giant struggle over the controversy that being sexually open and expressive poses to the public. But every time there was a sex joke (and each one was well-executed) everyone was laughing. EVERYONE. We were all joined by the embarrassing (and admitted) reality of sex in our own lives, and our amusement at the mentality we all had at the end of senior high. We were all relating to one another by relating to the story. It was almost a political statement about anti-anal-retentiveness. We all go through these things, why should we be so embarrassed by it?

In that way, this movie was so brilliant. There was never a laugh that went unenjoyed, nothing so grotesque and over the top that I found it offputting, but didn’t exactly spare us from the reality of situations. The only part of the film that I found to be a little questionable (because it was so out there, not because it wasn’t funny) was the part where the guy had a problem with drawing penises as a kid.

But we also see these less-than-popular guys embracing the lifestyle of the people in the popular crowd without feeling like hypocrites (as so many movie nerds who go out and have fun with the cool people often do) and making some good decisions (like not hooking up with a girl when she’s too drunk to remember it, and not hooking up with a girl when you had to get drunk to get the nerve and it turns out she doesn’t drink). The best part of the whole thing, is that the only guy who actually gets any in this movie is the biggest loser in the group… who completely reminds me of the guy from CAN’T HARDLY WAIT who rocks out on stage to “Mama I’m Coming Home.” McLovin is my fucking hero… for life.

And I definitely think that police officers will especially enjoy this film. Watching what you do for a living has been eye opening *wink-wink*.

And for the record, I totally would have parked in the staff lot to get a red bull. 10 out of 10, the absolute must-see comedy of the summer!


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