Hello everyone. I need your help. I’m starting my own podcast. The first episode is already underway.

I’m starting with my main focus being Buffy, then Angel, then Firefly. After those I will be moving onto other shows (Veronica Mars and Alias, namely) and even one-shot podcasts about some films I’m fond of. My first podcast is about Buffy The Movie (1992). If anyone has anything to add to this particular podcast, please leave me a comment so I can read it on my podcast, on your opinions of the film, of the film in relation to the show, etc. Parts you liked. Etc.

I’ve done some fairly extensive research about the actors in the film, locations they filmed at, comparisons of the original script versus the finished product, stories about on-set politics, etc. It’s gotten pretty interesting. I know a lot about the film I was unaware of until now.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I NEED TO NAME MY PODCAST BEFORE I CAN POST IT. I don’t want the name of my podcast to only reflect the current subject matter, because eventually it will not be about Buffy anymore. I have a crazy amount of ideas for it, and I want it to be open to a bunch of subject matter. So if anyone can think of anything appropriate, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear it.

Also, my second episode will be a recap and discussion of Season 1’s “Welcome TO The Hellmouth.” So if anyone wants to let me know how they got into the show, please record your story of how you got into the show and email it to me. ( IF YOUR LOVE OF BUFFY STARTED WITH THE MOVIE, I’d like to put that in my first episode.



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