Chim-Chiminy Chim-Chim Cheroo!

Hello all,
Just felt the need to update. I’ve been facebooking it of late, and totally neglecting my myspace (which for me is just totally wierd). I think that myspace has really died down in the last few months, since facebook got like really famous. I don’t get a lot of activity there lately. Maybe I need to be a more active user.

It’s as hot as fuck. It’s 37 degrees here, 30 in North Van, and I’ve already poured 4 bottles full of water over my head. It’s gotten to the point where I feel I may have packed on 10 pounds (though I haven’t). Just because it is so hot that my pants are sticking to my legs and have no give because they’re sticky. So I can’t move in them and they feel tight and rigid and it SUCKS! I prefer skirts and semi-nudism to this torture. I should be allowed to work in hotpants and a bikini top. Denim doesn’t breathe.

Lauren and I were discussing how rockin’ it would be if there were Chevron bikini’s with Chevron shorts. We could host a Chevron bodycarwash where the hot girls who work there clean cars with their bodies. That would be cool.

Diane and I decided that in the meantime, we could string together some large slurpee lids and wear them as a bikini (there are nipple holes!! woo!) only we were joking and hunting sock puppets.

So tomorrow I plan to record dark shadows, do my laundry, and spend at least 3 hours at Harry Jerome swimming. 😀 Anyway, I got to work now. STAY COOL PEOPLE!



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/11/2007.

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