Hello everybody,

So last week I got hit by a megawhammy of nostalgia and started downloading all of the Sailor Moon episodes I could find. I’m halfway in. I’m getting everything, just for the sake of having a truly complete collection.

And I would have opted to get the DVD’s, cuz they’re pretty great, but they’re also $250 a season. They’re dual audio and full, so what you’re getting is HQ video with the DIC english dub track, and the original japanese track, plus you’re getting the extra 6 uncut japanese episodes in both box sets. But I’m also getting the specials, the movies and Sailor Moon S.

I am such a total dork.

In other news, the new (or relatively new) computer I had planned on buying needs to be repaired. As it turns out, there was a loose RAMcard in the back, that had to be properly mounted. Well then we discovered yesterday that the loose RAMcard is actually splitting power from the hard drive. The one RAMcard is not working at all right now, so overnight my computer crashed, then needed to be booted from the system disk, and then once we had it working, it was only working half as fast. It won’t burn @ 16x anymore, it will only burn @ 4x, and you cannot open more than two programs simultaneously, or keep more than two windows open at a time. If I do then it sends me an explorer error and closes them all. It’s horrible. It’s worse than having my outmoded win95 PC back. It took like 40 minutes to burn off ONE dvd-rom. So what I’m doing is sending it back to the guy I was going to buy it from, have him fix it (as in it will NOT break again, fixed by a PROFESSIONAL fixed) and then probably buy it off of him. If it cannot be repaired I think I’m just going to buy myself a brand new computer. Something dual core with tons of space. If I do that, then I’m just going to see if there are parts from our old computer that can be put into the new one (take out the drives and put them into the new computer, upgrade my RAM… etc). I know that a new comp is like, a lot of money, but I would rather pour $1000 into an exceptional piece of equipment than spend $350 on a computer that needs weekly repairs.

Anyway, back to the grind, as always!



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/02/2007.

2 Responses to “ARGH”

  1. Yay sailor moon! 😛 I haven’t watched that in forever and a day.

    Also, the computer situation sounds like it’s made of suck. Hopefully it’s sorted out for you. 🙂

    See ya later!

  2. Oooo watch the japanese versions of it. They’re less whining, and well aren’t censored for north america. I downloaded the last season, ‘sailor stars’ last summer. It was very interesting watching it in japanese, though I’m far to lazy to download the rest of the show since I did see it in english.

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