Still no clear resolution to my recent dilemmas, and it seems that everyone has steered clear of the advice giving. That’s okay, I don’t expect everyone to solve my problems for me, and there’s also the possibility of giving the wrong advice. Who wants that on their shoulders?

I’ve made my decision anyway, and it’s been a long time coming. Fortunately this time it was a decision that Steve and I made together. My doctor wants me to quit. And I may very well do so. I’m supposed to get a job with set hours and a concrete schedule. They want me to get a desk job, so when I got into office work HERE it was kind-of a great thing. But now I’m having all this unnecessary stress pushed onto me, so it really gets me down.

Still no computer, but we’re working on it. A friend of Steve’s is selling me his computer (monitor and all) for $350. It’s dual core with a DVD-R/W drive in it. No idea what the ram is (but Steve says its current market size at least) but we’ve got no idea what the space in it is. Steve is also giving me our old computer once he gets the new one, so if I need, I can take the drives out of the second computer and put them into the new one, or simply network the two (which is the likelier scenario).

I really want to get back into my site, especially with my newfound obsession for podcasting. I really want to get mine off the ground. I’ve been doing rediculous amounts of research, so hopefully doing it will pay off and people will enjoy it.

As far as the Buffy thing goes, last week I came across the greatest fanfilm, courtesy of Undead America. It’s called Forgotten Memories. Written by Emma Paige Langley, who incidentally also plays Buffy in the short. If you can get past the fact that all the actors are different, and that they use the word Raman (as a Sumarian word for Slayer– but Raman is actually a brand of noodle-soup), it’s pretty great for a 40 minute short film made by a 17 year old girl.


Then there is this really great parody of Buffy. It’s done very intelligently, so you’ll probably just die laughing, and enjoy it very much. It’s called Fluffy The English Vampire Slayer For example, in Buffy, everyone is american except Giles, who is the Englishman. In Fluffy, everyone is english except FARMER, who is an American. LOL.
FARMER: “No more beer.”
ALEX: “No more beer? Sorry… phrase not recognized.”

One of my aspirations is to do an audio podcast audiodrama of the Buffy comics (I will likely start with the Buffy Season 8 comic– THE LONG WAY HOME 4 ISSUE ARC–). That would be cool, cuz I just don’t have the resources or the time for a short film, or a short episodic.

By the way…





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