An End Of Days

Okay, so here I have a new problem. Just when it seems the last one has been resolved, or at least put in a place where I can deal with it, the next arises.

A few days ago my boss told me that I should start thinking about either moving or buying a car. I plan to do neither, and can afford to do neither. I cannot even afford to consider the insurance on a new car. Not to mention that in a year and a half my Dad is giving me one of his cars, therefore making this car-buying business a bit useless. Either way, in a year and a half, we are very likely to sell our van, and still only have one vehicle. We simply cannot afford the expense of two cars. That and I live with Steven, who works in North Van, who pays for our car. I cannot expect him to give up the car for me and still pay for it, nor can I expect him to move out of North Van when neither of us even want to.

I’m sick with stress about the entire thing and I’m really feeling backed into a corner. I got a payraise and personal benefits to do what I’m doing now, and to back out of this new promotion my boss is considering may mean that I lose the one I already have, because he promoted me last time with the intention of me replacing him as active onsite manager. I CANNOT do that job. I cannot put in 15 hour days and work until God knows what fucking time of day. My doctor has already asked me to seek different employment BECAUSE the job I have is effecting my health. I cannot take on more for the sad wages I’m being paid to do this and expect to take on the incredible expense of a vehicle. There are repairs, maintenances, gas, insurance. I can’t afford that.

I have no credit history, so I can’t take out a loan, not to mention that I’m trying to go back to school and if I take out a loan and buy a car, I won’t be able to get a loan until the car loan is paid, then once that loan is paid, they will base my student loan on my car as collateral. This totally fucks up any plans I had.

I’m really beginning to feel like I have no other options other than to quit.

I don’t know what to do. If anyone has any perspective on this whatsoever, please help.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 06/18/2007.

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