Just A Random Thought…

I was just thinking about it, and recently the news has been riding and criticising the fuel industry. It is not our fault about the fuel prices, and to be honest, if the fuel prices get capped, it’s BAD for the world economy, because GAS is a GLOBALLY priced fuel… and BC is one of the lowest priced fuel providers in the world.

Capping fuel prices here could mean drastic fuel price increases elsewhere in the world. While, yes, Gas companies are making record-breaking profits, inflation also means that they are SPENDING more money back into their franchises and into charities than ever before. Chevron, for example, has one of the few remaining (and the ONLY ONE in BC) oil refineries on the North American westcoast. To keep their investors interested in continuing to fund the running of the refinery, Chevron must reach a certain capital. If they do not meet or even exceed their capital, the refinery may shut down (forcing the gas prices way up). The fuel refined at the burnaby refinery is sold and distributed through BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Washington, Oregon, California and Asia.

That, and I think that our stations should have the right to refuse to carry newspapers that criticise or defame our business.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/18/2007.

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