What To WEAR?!

Hello everyone,

I’m sitting at my desk at work, lethargic and uninspired. I have so much work to do. I think these hours are starting to get to me. There is no justifiable reason that I can work a 6 hour day and still be exhausted at the end of it. That’s a 2 hour reprieve DAILY from work. I shouldn’t be tired.

I’m feeling good about myself. I was thinking the other day how sad it is that when I was in highschool, I always felt I needed to cover myself in bulky sweaters and hide behind fancy jewellery. Nowadays I hardly wear sweaters or jackets unless it’s genuinely cold outside. Recently I have gone without.

I’ll be posting again later today, probably, because I want to know what I should wear when I come back to Terrace. That pretty well sounds stupid, but I’d like to make a good first impression. I haven’t been home in nearly two years, and I want to look my best when I arrive (although after having to leave the house at 7am for a 12:30 arrival will probably inspire dark circles to take up residence on my face). So I’m going to post some pics so you can help me choose. Steve is your typical guy, I will present him with my options and he’ll say he kinda likes one thing or another but I should wear what I like best. But I’m indecisive sometimes, and don’t KNOW what I like best. Besides, I like all my clothes, and making the best first impression is about wearing what EVERYONE ELSE likes best.

The only thing is (and this pretty well applies to my entire wardrobe anyway) that I want to wear something that people won’t expect (or wouldn’t have expected me to wear in Senior High). I’m an extremist. I’ve shrunk 3 inches, lost 71 pounds, cut my hair much shorter and gone platinum blonde since highschool, it’s a trend I’d like to fully follow through with. Opposites, baby. Opposites.

The one thing I know will change between arrival and the next day departure is that I will be changing into my pink plaid pajama pants and American Eagle Friday Night Party Tee. Love it. Love it. Pajama Pants and rock tees rule together. If only I hadn’t wrecked the drawstring on my yellow La Senza pj pants. **pout**

Okay, my moment of complete and total material concentration has passed.

Stay tuned.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/17/2007.

2 Responses to “What To WEAR?!”

  1. That’s a good idea [posting your outfits for other people’s help]

    I get the same thing from my Steev “oh, I like that shirt, it looks good on you” but nothing else, or he’ll suggest something to wear that is totally inapropriate for the situation 😛

    • Yeah, definitely.
      I think you’ll be a good person to get advice from, outfit wise, although my wardrobe and yours aren’t quite congruent. But hey, I’m sure despite our differences, ensemble-wise, you’ll have good input. If I had more money my wardrobe would be more like yours.

      And I love your blonde dreads, they’re gorgeous! 😀


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