Spiderman 3 Review

Spiderman 3 Review

Okay, so this Spiderman was likely the chick-flickiest of them all. Not the best of the trilogy (I reserve that title for the first, not because it was the first but because I think it had the best character-development and blend of comedy/action).

Spidey 3 was jam-packed with plot, and overflowing with conflict. Though Sandman’s scenes were visually amazing, and interesting, I feel that the character did not really add anything useful to the movie. He was used just to fit him in, in my opinion. We had to revisit the death of Peter’s Uncle (unnecessarily because seeing Peter revisit this revenge didn’t really teach us anything new about him, and with everything else that was going on wasn’t really needed as motivation of the symbiote to bond with him). All that it really accomplished was a tidy ending to a Sam Raimi-created trilogy by finishing the film with what the first film started with. A sneaky plot device… yes? Although, we did get to see that Spiderman did not become a superhero driven by revenge (a la Daredevil).

One character I’ve heard that was completely useless to the film (an opinion I disagree with) was Gwen Stacey. While she didn’t have a major impact on the overall events, without her there to create conflict between Peter, Mary Jane and Eddie Brock, the plot would have suffered greatly. She needed to feel threatened and betrayed by an element outside the inner sanctum of people she usually associated herself with. She needed to feel unnerved. Kirsten Dunst did all her own singing in this film. I could see her doing more music.

Eddie Brock’s character as venom did have a major inconsitency between the film and the comics. When the symbiote had completely bonded to Brock, venom referred to himself as “WE”, a reference that didn’t even get spit on by the film.

One other major complaint of critics and viewers of the film is that Peter Parker’s “cool dance” as bad spidey was received as Peter Parker’s attempt and utter failure to be a total badass. People forget that Peter Parker was never cool, he was a big honking geek and the “cool dance” was meant to be comedic. The symbiote only made him more confident (as quoted in the film, its properties magnified the agression of the host), not cooler. The symbiote made him something he was not, hence he couldn’t have been as cool as the symbiote as he would have been as the spiderman everyone had come to love. Even though he became addicted to the power and feeling of invincibility that the symbiote gave him, it was a turn-off to everyone else.

The ending was mostly what I was looking for, with the wrap-up between Harry Osbourne and Peter Parker… but the final resolution between Peter Parker and Mary Jane was left completely open for future movies. I cannot decide if I’m satisfied by that or not.

One complaint: Bad Peter Parker looked like a sad fusion of Jared Leto in 30 Seconds to Mars meets Donnie Darko. JUST NO. NO. NO. NO.

Nonetheless, likely one of the best movies of the summer. I’ll have to keep you posted.



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