The Nicest Man On Earth

So I haven’t updated recently (bad me). The other day Steve brought home a copy of Viva Pinata for me. I’ve never watched the TV show and never seen the game before, but my GOD is it fun. I make a garden for my little pinata creatures and then make them mate. I got two resident wirlms and just as I went to make them do the mating dance, Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love by Barry White came on. It was amazing. LOL. I named my Wirlms The Groosalugg and Krevlorneswath. They made a baby wirlm that I named Garmn’lglasmnic. So my wirlms are Gay parents. My pinatas are all named after Buffy demons. And my garden is called PYLEA. 😀

Anyway, I went to see my sister. I shrunk so much that I managed to get my ass into five new pairs of pants. I needed new pants like really badly. It’s hilarious though because I was trying on my pants and my Neice was in the room and she goes “Aunty nice bum!” I couldn’t stop laughing. She’s so incredibly smart, and obviously really adorable and sweet. She’s taken to calling people “sir” and “ma’am”. A gentleman on the bus told her to have a nice day and she says to him “Thank you sir, to you as well!” I was amazed.

My poor sister knocked out a temporary filling on her back molar while chewing gum. She’s in her first trimester still for the next two weeks, and you can’t get aenesthetic until you’re into the second trimester so they couldn’t put in a permanent filling. Anyway, my brother-in-law was hit by a car last week so they spent her dental money on xrays and hospital fees, so she had no money to get her tooth fixed. On the way back from the food bank she burst into tears because half of her tooth was missing and the roots were all exposed and she was in a ton of pain. So I bummed a few tylenols from a nice lady and she asked why she didn’t just go to the dentist. When we explained the situation, some guy stood up and handed my sister $100 and told her to go get her tooth fixed. I wanted to cry. That was hands down the nicest thing I’ve EVER seen a complete stranger do. I’ve had a stranger pay for a cab for me before which was amazing, but this is $100 from a guy whose name we didn’t know who didn’t expect anything in return. So to that man, thank you so, so much. You’re an angel. Seeing my sister in so much pain was heartbreaking.

If any of you haven’t heard my new demo, go to my pro myspace here and listen to it. I’m getting good feedback about it despite the recording quality, so let me know what you think.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing great! Luvs!



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One Response to “The Nicest Man On Earth”

  1. Wow….I probably would’ve cried if that guy gave my sister money for such a thing, that’s so nice!

    Awesome too about the pants! I need new pants to… still have to lose a bit more though….

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