Just stuff going on. I haven’t really posted much about my personal life recently, so here’s a go.

Just to paraphrase some of the things we learned since the last Smallville episode (since “Combat” aired on Thursday, funny funny stuff). Lana lost the baby. Still no answer as to WHAT exactly the baby was or had done to it. I was really surprised by her reaction to the news that she had miscarried. She was really devastated, even though she doesn’t love Lex at all. I guess when you become pregnant, if you decide to have it you really have no choice but to form that loving bond with the child inside you in order to bring yourself to be its parent. In-turn, since the wedding we are seeing the beginnings of Clark’s need to uphold justice. He’s using justice to distract himself from the pain of finally losing Lana forever. And yay, Lois is back. Love her. But I won’t ruin EVERYTHING for you.

I bought a black dress for myself last week.

I love this dress. I only have one other dress I absolutely love, and it’s red, so not really appropriate for all occasions. But my reasons for not wearing dresses aren’t really valid anymore. I was always self-concious about my knees when I was overwheight, because all the fat bunched up and it looked gross (at least to me) but my knees are skinny now. I love love LOVE this dress. When I get paid I think I’m going to buy another one in a different color. (The Blue One?) I dunno. It’s getting close to bathingsuit shopping time as well. This year I might splurge and get one from Billabong if Bootlegger doesn’t get better ones. There was one they had last year, it was red with a Hawaii sunrise stamp on the top. I loved it and didn’t buy it. 😦 I might check out TNA next month or just before we leave for vacation and see what they have too.

I’m doing well. I’m in very early-stage plans for Vancouver’s first Comicon. My friend Chris and I are planning it, and we’re planning it big. We’re hoping to get some serious big-name sponsors and hopefully that will draw in big guests. Some names we’ve thrown around are:
-Jonathan Frakes (of Star Trek the Next Generation)
-Joss Whedon (God)
-Nathan Fillion (Actor, Firefly/Serenity)
-James Marsters (Actor, Buffy/Angel)
-Tom Welling (Actor, Smallville)
-Kristin Kreuk (Actress, Smallville)
-Allison Mack (Actress, Smallville)
-Kristin Bell (Actress, Veronica Mars)
-Jason Dohring (Actor, Veronica Mars)
-Marti Noxon (Writer, Buffy)
-The Cast of Stargate Atlantis
-The Cast of Battlestar Gallactica

Anyway, we can’t guarantee any of these people will come, but they were names we mentioned. The plan is to host the comicon in January 2009, and likely somewhere big and accessible like the Plaza of Nations. If anything is finished for 2010, it would also be good to use a 2010 facility for a dry-run. But we’re looking for sponsorships from Nintendo, Microsoft, EA Games, EB Games, Sony, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Buzz NRG drink… etc. Activities mentioned were:
-Marketplace for specialty shops in vancouver to show their wares
-LAN Party
-Console Gaming Party (network like XBox Live)
-DDR Contest
-Big-screen Buffy Musical

We’re truly hoping to invite EA Games to come in and look for game testing recruits. Hopefully that will be a worthwhile draw for them. We may even have musical guests to draw in the less-dorky crowd too. It should be quite excellent.

In other news, I am officially creating my own podcast. I’ve been listening to other people’s podcasts and have decided I MUST make my own. So to start, I’m doing an episode-by-episode podcommentary, then a season-ender, then some very loose discussion about some stuff from the show. But if I stay with it I won’t limit myself to just Buffy. When I’ve exhausted my ideas for a Buffy podcast I will move on to other things (film commentaries, etc).

Anyway, it’s time for me to earn my money.



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