Another Day Another Diatribe

Hello my units
I’m standing upright (rather unhappily as my feet hurt and I have a migraine) typing this post on an Apple computer with a 28″ screen. WOW. So big and so bright, which as you can imagine is not aiding my migraine in getting better in ANY conceivable way.

Tonight Steven is taking me to see 300, which is getting some great reviews from some, and some undeservedly harsh reviews from others. Some are describing it as being the Ridley Scott-inspired Sin City of the 21st century. Give me a break! I realize that it was a graphic novel, and that to some, the plot may not present itself as the profound pimple on the tip of the nose, but come on! Not everything needs to be rolled out on a red fucking carpet rigged with fireworks so that you can see it. Does there have to be a massive neon sign somewhere in the movie of an arrow and the word “plot” pointed in the appropriate direction so that you can enjoy the experience? Oh well, we can’t all be so intelligent. Heaven forbid we are ever required to use our minds during the moviegoing experience. MY GOD! I PAID $10.95 A TICKET TO GET IN AND NOW I ACTUALLY HAVE TO THINK? How archaic.

Moving on. I had a strange experience on the bus yesterday. I was playing COOKING MAMA on my DS, making pizza over the 2nd narrows when a man tapped me on the shoulder. He was in the seat behind me so I turned my head to see him and he asks me quite seriously “You’re famous, aren’t you?” So naturally I give him my best “WTF?!” face. He asks again: “Aren’t you a celebrity or something? You look like a celebrity.” I respond to this with the face I usually reserve for comedians, panhandlers and drug addicts and shake my head “no”. “Really? You could be a celebrity. I bet you’ll be famous. You seem like someone who should be famous. Are you into acting, or music?” Anyway, we spoke briefly and the whole time I was wanting to get back to my game. And laugh. And laugh some more.

It’s sick. I’m loving the FUTURESEX/LOVESOUNDS album way too much recently. Even more than the new Fall Out Boy, which I JUST bought. I downloaded like 75 FS/LS remixes yesterday. I is sad.

Anyhow, I will send you my extremely intelligent, massively profound, disturbingly professional-esque review of 300 tonight. I plan to be witty. Bring a hanky.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 03/12/2007.

2 Responses to “Another Day Another Diatribe”

  1. Big Bright computer screens = evil when you have a migraine (actually, any computer screen is evil when I have a migraine, and you know, light, sound and opening of my eyes in general).

    I so want to see 300, I will probably end up waiting until it comes out on video.

    Talk to you later!

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