Long week ahead I think…

Just finished babysitting my Neice last night and this morning. I had meant to go home but since when does THAT ever work?? Not recently. So I think I got about 5 hours of sleep, which for me is hardly adequate. I am ssooooo thirsty. It’s inhuman really.

I’ve decided on the kind of kitty I desperately want. It’s called a scottish fold, and I want an all-black one with blue or green eyes…

They are unbelievably cute. Loves them.

I am so completely tired. I barely caught Veronica Mars last night, and I can’t believe what happened. SHERRIFF LAMB IS DEAD! NOOOOOO! MICHAEL MUHNEY! I LOVE YOU! *tear* I have no idea what kind of upset I am up to witness from Neptune Pirate Radio. I’m on my way to leave them a heartbroken email….



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 02/21/2007.

2 Responses to “*SIGH*”

  1. I love scottish folds, I miss having a cat around the house. 😛 I do not miss the shedding though. LOL it’s kind of nice not having cat hair on everything. 😛

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