Contrary to some of the articles written about this show by semi biased media darlings, this show kicked my ass. It was the one concert of all the ones I’ve been to in recent history that I would have donated an organ to see. It would have been worth it too.

We actually had incredible seats! Section U Row 5 Seats 12 and 13. Really muthafuckin’ close to the stage. Oh yeah honey. THe one part of this show that let me down was not being able to take pictures. Uhh, no offense Evanescence but it’s not like nobody has seen you before. I just want to remember this when I’m senile and have alzheimers and can’t remember where I left my teeth. At least I’ll still ROCK.

I called a few people during the show to rub it in. Oh yeah, it was so good. I had a terriff time. I called Andrew during Lithium, and my sister during Bring Me To Life and My Immortal. I feel awful for the people who left before the encore, because they played another three song set during the encore. Poor stupid bastards. It’s like they’ve never been to a concert before. NEVER LEAVE WITHOUT TRYING TO GET AN ENCORE. Haggling loudly is key. Be profane and demanding.

The Black Maria were good, but not commanding. At least they didn’t disappear into the stage, because their part of the stage was teensy tiny. STONE SOUR BABY! Yeah! Cory Taylor is some seriously hot lotta bitch. They came out on stage playing “The Final Countdown” by Europe and just totally owned the stage from there. During Bother, Cory was singing with his eyes closed and when he opened them everyone had their bics and cellphones out and waving around. Very awesome. I had a fucking excellent time. I lost my voice. LOL.

THe merch was cool, but expensive. I got a corset top which was $70 and a cushy Ev hoody that was another $60. Comfiness.

Yeah… I wish I could have followed Evanescence to Japan. Seriously. CONGRATS ON THE ENGAGEMENT AMY!


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 01/20/2007.

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  1. Good to hear that it was “give up a kindney” worthy. haha. Me and Tim have tickets to the Barenaked Ladies, so w00t my first not in Terrace concert. lol.

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