Happy Ho Ho Ho

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I didn’t send any Christmas wishes to everyone, but here is my chance, and let me explain myself. On December 23rd, about 7am I started having abdominal pain. By noon the pain was so bad I had to sit and couldn’t stand to do my job. Well, by the time I got home the pain was unbearable, so I decided to try and sleep it off because I’d been really tired and stressed out. Within two hours I was woken up, and sent to the hospital.

I had emergency surgery on December 24th for internal bleeding caused by a hemorrage in my abdomen. I had a LAPAROSCOPY. The surgery was 2 hours long, and I was sent home at 11:30pm on Christmas eve. Until today I haven’t even been able to go to the bathroom by myself, so I do apologize for not getting ahold of anyone for the holidays, but as you can tell I do have a good reason. I will be off work into the new year, so if anyone needs to get ahold of me I will more than likely be at home. If I don’t pick up the first time, leave a message. I’m still not getting around very quickly.

Today I finally got to eat some solid food, and walked around in the mall for an hour with Steven. I got to take a shower by myself, so yay. I kind-of feel like an infant. I still can’t walk quite upright or bend over at all. I have to kneel to pick things up, but I’m not allowed to lift anything heavy or do any strenuous bending at all for the next four weeks.



Abdominal surgery is very painful.

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 12/27/2006.

2 Responses to “Happy Ho Ho Ho”

  1. Ouch! I hope you recover quickly! *hugs*

    I sort of understand what it’s like to recover from adominal surgery as I was living with my Aunt over the summer and she had surgey while I was there. Although they kept her in the hospital for about a week before they let her come home.

    • THanks for the sympathy and the well-wishes. I’m incredibly lucky that I got sent home the night of my surgery, but that is part and parcel with the fact that it was not open abdominal surgery. It was a scopic surgery, so there were only two incisions the size of the diameter of a quarter each.

      The real rehab for me is all the internal stuff. They cleaned up some internal bleeding but had to reposition my uterus to do it, so it has been burning and nausea and pain. I got to cut off peeled parts of my steri-strips tonight and nearly passed out. Didn’t hurt I’m just psyching myself out I guess.

      I hope your Aunt fared well. She had it a lot worse than me. *hug* Happy New Year.


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