Long Hours For Baby Showers

Hannah Alexander was born very early this morning. Two days ago (during the last wind storm) I had to wake my Boss up to get him to go to the station to help Andrew secure some fixtures during a power outage. He decided to stay for a few hours and brought his wife. Well, at noon on Friday, she went into premature labor (probably from stress). She was in labor for 32+ hours at St Pauls Hospital before Hannah was born. I don’t have all the details, but David has intonated that the birth had some pretty difficult complications for Heather, although she and baby are both recovering very well.

Anyway, this left us all completely unprepared. I was named 2IC. I am the youngest 2IC ever in Chevron’s history. That’s A LOT of pressure. And because of the windstorm and junk, the day Heather went into labor we were totally swamped by people looking for a place to eat in the no-power zone. We were CRAZY! Running out of cash, running out of patience, running out of supplies. And then someone shorted out a pump and I had to close the store for several hours during this craziness. It was terrible.

Day two went much more smoothly. Harry gave me a ride home in this awesome Benz. Tonight he gave me a ride home in the BMW. wOOt! They both have ass warmers. The BMW was nicer though, because it had a back warmer too. Better grip on the road, good headlight spread, 4WD… a NEED FER SPEED. OOOOOoooh. ***CAR***BONE***

Anyhow, so this craziness will continue for another week or so, until Heather recovers. I don’t like it, but hey, I did think about it.

Can you imagine? I mean, I suppose with 9 months of complete and total envelopment in the FACT of impending parenthood, you could imagine, but truly. Can you imagine was it would be like to walk into a hospital one day, totally panicked and unprepared and totally scared, realizing that all of your preparation would never BE enough preparation, and hours later be holding someone who never existed before? Someone new? Can you imagine that first touch, just loving that being so completely without any question or acquaintance, just giving yourself completely before you’ve even met? Can you imagine knowing inexplicably and unforgettably and unrelentingly that your life has changed FOREVER? Wow. That’s so intense. And completely amazing. I can’t wait to be a Mommy.

Congratulations David, Heather and Hannah. OMG! I totally just thought of it! Two bestest friends ever: Hannah Alexander and Brianna Shaw. HANNAH AND BRIANNA! LOL. So cute.



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