Hello everyone,

I’m tired, so forgive me if this is short, or bumbling. I have blue hair. Well, SOME blue hair. I got bored with the plain blonde and decided to go nuts and buy a bunch of punky color. I had originally decided to put in some purple, but on a whim I bought some aquamarine blue. It looks hawt. People love it. It’s on the bottom half of my hair, so it peeks out under the blonde.

The same week, I made assistant manager at work. I’m doing it slowly, but I will be gradually trained to become a 2IC, which is like the vice president of a company, just under the president (CEO). The goal is that if I am properly trained now and I have a successful run, if I decide to in the future I will be certified and qualified by Chevron to own and operate my own store. But as I’ve said, I don’t think that’s what I want. If I were to open a store, I would open a diabetic specialty store that condenses the bulk market of diabetic-friendly products into one convenient place. I’ve been thinking about that and I think it’s a really great idea. There’s a huge market for that kind of thing, and even a demand for it whether or not people see that.

As of today, I have lost 61 pounds since September 2005.

Just so everyone knows, my plans to visit Terrace for New Year’s fell through, and now we’re trying to arrange something for the summer. I couldn’t get time off of work, thanks to my new title, because my boss’ wife is pregnant and due to give birth in the first week of January.

Oh Gosh. YAWN! I am so sorry. One last thing, I have decided to be a giant hypocrite, swallow my pride and try out for Canadian Idol again this year. I’ve been vocally training and I’ve found some music better suited to my vocal range. I am really confident this year that if I go I will be able to accomplish something. So I’m genuinely excited.

Ahh! I’m not CUTE. Rrrr.

Anyway, I’m dying of sheer tiredness here, so I gotta go.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 12/05/2006.

2 Responses to “YAWNSICLE!”

  1. OMG good luck! Hey I was thinking, the first long weekend after new years. Me you, Steve and a fiesta! well maybe not the fiesta but atleast a good visit lol

    • I can see about it. I can’t promise anything, because my boss’ baby is due in the first week of January, but definitely something to look into. At the very least you should come stay with us for spring break.


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