Okay, so figure this out. Yesterday after returning from my inconveniently early appointment with my endocrinologist, I decided to try and go back to sleep. Alas, I was interrupted about thirty billion times by phone calls, one of which was a survey about Canadian opinion. I wanted to tell this poll giver to fuck off and let me sleep, but I truly do care about the country’s state of affairs, so I remained resigned to do my duty as a good citizen and participate.

The poll giver was a woman, I would imagine to be close to my age, and with the heaviest Brooklyn accent I have heard in recent history. So I immediately decided to myself that the first personal question about me would ellicit a giant resounding beep as I would hang up the phone, but no personal identifying questions came. She asked me a bunch of questions about government spending and projected budgets and finances for various parties, and asked me about tuition fees and healthcare and homelessness. But she asked me who I felt had the best interests at heart for BC, and listed a bunch of names (she pronounced Gilles Duceppe “Gilleys Dewseppey”– Gilles not with a J sound…). The whole time I’m thinking to myself Come on, I’m supposed to be motivated to give a crap by an outrageously obvious American who can’t even pronounce the questionnaire properly? Fuck this….

But it did bring up a lot of valuable questions for me. She asked me if I felt that spending towards improving the condition of homelessness in Canada should increase. I said yes, and then thought to myself, WHY should it? Why not just find a new, less-expensive approach. A lot of people stay homeless because they make a lot more money that way than they would working. Fuck those people. They choose to be homeless and therefore do not qualify or count. The genuinely homeless who want a way out of that situation and have honestly tried to fix the disaster that is homelessness do count. It was put out there very well on the news that the reason it is so hard to find work when you’re homeless is that you don’t have an address to tax to. I think there should be new legislation to govern these extreme and unavoidable circumstances. People with no fixed address should be able to use a shelter as their address, or even just be taxed on their pay and have their right to file for a tax return relinquished until they can find a permanent address to cling to. This way, the working force in the service industry will grow, gradually homelessness will decrease, and the government can finally start fining people for needlessly panhandling. The money from those fines should be funnelled back into fighting for the cause (shelters, soup kitchens, etc).

It’s too late to cancel the olympics now, without running too severe a spending defeceit to recover without the games’ tourism. However, the government should have cancelled the olympics and spent the money on seismic upgrades in schools and lowering tuition fees. All trips where politicians need housing should be in cheapo motels, or even in billeted houses. What a better way to govern our country than to live amongst us common folk and share our ways, right? The money they would save on accommodation could be put towards paying off the national debt.

Anyway, I had a lot of ideas, but I’m tired…


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 11/04/2006.

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