Intervention Orders

I feel a little bit better about my situation. I’ve talked to my Dad, so a lot of my desire to knock him down a peg or two has subsided because I KNOW he feels like shit. I’m not standing around wondering how he feels and hoping to force him to feel that way. Of course, a large part of me feels like he deserves it, even if I am sympathizing with him.

My little sister started hanging out with the wrong people. These people were using hard drugs like ecstacy (which she claims were clean but how the fuck does she know when she isn’t the one who bought them and she’s never been exposed to a drug like that before), drinking, fucking and getting into some pretty prolific trouble. My sister is the victim of a sex crime. In fact, both of my sisters, my mom, my brother and I have all been victims of a sex crime at least once. Unfortunately, her experience was different than the rest of ours were, so in our home, we can only hope to understand what she’s dealing with. But that’s the thing. She isn’t DEALING at all. She strongly refuses to admit to what she’s been put through (although she has confided in me so I know what’s going on) and refuses to seek help dealing with the burden of the emotional and/or physical aftermath of it.

I warned my parents that this was destined to go poorly. They insisted, however, that this is what was best for her– to remove her from her element, give her a new, yet temporary setting with new people to help her feel more comfortable coming to terms with her past. Well she took her past and shoved it back in our faces, and I knew she would. With her irrational behavior and her acting out, she put herself in a position to portentially be raped at least three additional times in the last month and a half alone. She gave perfect strangers a level of trust that they were undeserving of and nearly became a victim again and again and again. It is only through miraculous intervention that she was able to remove herself from those situations.

She needs a therapist, not an escape. She needs support, not freedom.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 10/24/2006.

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