I feel like my whole body is black and blue. I’m pretty exhausted. I am allowing myself to be dragged emotionally through everyone’s melodrama. WHY? WHY DO I CARE WHHYYYYYYY? I really just wish I didn’t for five damn seconds. I can be supremely selfish, I know it, but I NEEEEEEEED not to care in the biggest way.

In other news: the adapter for my goddamn mp4 player crapped out. I seriously want to march into futureshop with a melonballer and conduct various experiments involving testicles and tits. Better bring the salt. These people…. THESE PEOPLE HAVE A SERIOUS DEATHWISH. I have a SERIOUS POSTAL-WORKER-ESQUE anger-management problem right now, and I… I can’t contain it…. AAARGH!

MM. I bought pickles and ground chicken. *nod* And-and-and… *nod* Cream of wheat. MM.

Okay. Someone commit me. Now. NOW!

Ooh shiny. I found the perfect ring that I want if I ever get married. But it’s so expensive. I wou;d love if I could have it custom made in Sterling Silver, with an austrian crystal setting instead of diamonds. Austrian crystal apparently has an extra dimension that no other gemstone has, that helps it refract light better than any other gemstone, so it sparkles more than any other gemstone. And while it is not as tough as a diamond, it will not lose its luminescence with age as diamonds can, and if it needs replacing, is a fraction of the cost that diamonds are…

It comes in white and yellow gold or platinum with a diamond inlay. There are variations on this set, but it’s this specific set that I want.

This one is similar to the one Steve would get (it’s the one he wants) only the one he actually wants is two separate pieces. The inset with the pattern on it is a separate piece held in by the hanging edges of the outside band. The inset piece is free moving. It comes in yellow gold with a white gold inset, white gold only, or white gold with a platinum inset. Again, we would wnat to have this same piece custom made in Sterling Silver.

This is my fall-back ring. Hehehe.

Anyhoo… tired now. Bye.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 10/17/2006.

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  1. I’m one of the only people I know who would really really wear the last ring, I think. Working in a jewellery store ruined me for life, but it means great gifts, and hey, if you’re going to wear a ring forever, why not make it absolutely princessey and gorgeous. I also love the claddagh(sp?) I have a silver one I got last year at this little market in school because I was done my last exam and wanted to buy something.

    • Definitely the claddagh is my first choice, but the second one is very nice too. A part of me would still want ring 1. But if I got ring 2 I’d always wear it! Hehehe.


  2. That’s a gorgeous ring 🙂 And I’m not one for gold (yellow gold that is). MAkes me want to go look at rings, haha.

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