Anonymous Encouragement

I needed today. After the things that have been happening recently, I really needed this. Yesterday I went out looking for a new (slimmer) pair of plain black work pants. Alas, I found no pants and left the mall with four new tops. Go figure. But I LOVE them. I really don’t care all that much that my pants make me look like a Circus Tent. LOL.

The night was going very slowly, I’d forgotten my mp3 player at work and hadn’t really had time to record any new movies to my mp4 player, so I ended up watching The Notorious Bettie Page for about the hundredth time. I like that movie actually. I’m fond of the pinup model/Marilyn era.

Anyway, around 2:30 our fuel sump malfuctioned and turned off the turbines to the gas pumps. We couldn’t override it and didn’t get it fized for like 5 goddamn hours. Fortunately the customers were very polite and forgiving about it. At 6am a very nice woman came in and asked if she could hang out in our station because she had forgotten that it was a holiday and the trains would be out for another hour. I said yes and we started having a terrific conversation.

She thinks that my parents are nosy know-it-alls who don’t necessarily know it all, and that they should want for me to just be happy, and have no right to push their desires of my future onto me. She’s a third year student at SFU and a dedicated volunteer in many programs. She has a very good friend who actually runs the SFU radio station, and offered to put in a good word for me if I volunteered at the radio station. She ranked audio engineering in the trade department and said that likely my best bet to get my foot in the door is to surpass college and go straight into volunteering and apprenticeships.

She also told me that she thinks it’s very irresponsible of parents to give young adults the illusion that it is unacceptable to not know what they want to do with the rest of their lives. It was such a relief to hear some genuinely validating comments coming from a woman the same age as my Father.

Thank you.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 10/09/2006.

3 Responses to “Anonymous Encouragement”

  1. Meh who really knows that they want to do with the rest of their lives? of everyone I know, I know two people with solid and realistic plans on what they want to do. It seems that most people just have a dream of what they want to do at this age…

  2. You can’t force an epitome that big anyway…finding out what you’re “supposed” to do isn’t a linear process and for many, it will recur anyway. Your life is happening, it’s not some far-off thing…funny how concern can come in weird disguises, or guises, for that matter…

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