Want. To. Maim.

Goddamn Future Shop. They’re really in the habit of overcharging people aren’t they? Fuck. A year and a half later and the LCD monitor that Phil bought for $400 is now $140. I bought a DVD at Futureshop, which is priced EVERYWHERE at 11.99. Futureshop is selling it 2 for $20, but had no cool DVD’s to go with it. So naturally, I only bought one, thinking: YAY! I get this DVD for only $10. I save $2. Look at my savvy spending. Not only does the cashier withhold my receipt, but she charges me $21.46 for the fucking thing. WHAT HAPPENED TO COMPETITIVE PRICING YOU CHEAP FUCKERS!? This is the second time I’ve been grossly overcharged for an item at futureshop. SO to solve this dilemma about sales slip withholding, I asked customer service if it was possible to have them reprint the receipt for me. “Oh, I’m sorry, we don’t keep receipts. We don’t even log our sales.” The receipts print automatically. If she threw mine out then it is possible that she has a wastebin nearby. “No I’m sorry, we don’t have wastebins, and therefore cannot possibly look for your receipt.” Goddamn liars. I hand them garbage all the time (of course because I’m not one of those rude people who leaves my empty coffee cup in the computer department)… WHERE ARE THEY PUTTING IT? UP THEIR ASS?! And give me a fucking break you can’t go back into the transactions… the fucking computer holds them for customer service. They even enter the trans number for refunds and junk.

*whew* I’m just irritated. I’m trying so desperately not to overspend. I bought one item I could have passed on and I get charged just under twice the selling price for it. FUCK. Just breathe. I spend that much on Red Bull for crap’s sake.

I is done.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 08/06/2006.

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