Paisley Paper Flowers

The trojan issue still hasn’t been solved. I think we caught it from a hacked site. I’ve noticed a lot of big name sites are being hacked by Lebonese people with a death wish who are trying to protest the war in their country. I sympathize with you, I in no way support what is happening to your country BUT I AM NOT A FUCKING PALESTINIAN! I AM A CANADIAN DAMMIT AND I WANNA SURF MY MESSAGE BOARD! ARGH! Gimme a missile. Pissing off your allies will not save you.

While we’re opn the subject, we know that Jesus was Jewish. The bible tells me so. I want everyone who supports this war to sit back and obsorb the wheight of the facts. Many deeply beloved, worshipped and praised places have been wiped from the Earth. You have taken from the world. You have taken from us all. You will be judged, and your jury will not be lenient.

Also… Mel, Mel, Mel…
I like Mel Gibson. I saw him as a rookie cop busting a drug ring. I saw him as a cryogenically stored man who aged rapidly as, once brought to conciousness fifty years later, used the last of his life searching for love. I saw him as a confused, middle-aged businessman trying desperately to understand his misguided teenaged daughter, and through some miraculous occurence, inherited the ability to hear the thoughts of women. I saw him as a desperate Father in pursuit of his young son, who had been abducted by criminals. But until now I never saw Mel Gibson the ASS. I think that people should cut him some slack. Alcoholism is a serious problem. Yes, he could have killed someone (but didn’t). Yes, he was being a sexist bastard when he was arrested (most men are we just aren’t omniscient), but he apparently (the accusations have not been confirmed due to lack of evidence– its heresay) he belted out a few anti-semetic remarks about Jews. I don’t think The Passion Of The Christ was anti-semetic. You can’t read the bible and tell me that they aren’t the same as they are on screen. However… to group a race together and demean them when they are already widely known to be wounded is tasteless, tactless and just downright disgusting. Mel apologized and further explained himself as being a bitter, belligerent alcoholic who said some despicable things he does not truly believe. We all fuck up, Mel.

I love losing wheight. When big boobs shrink there should be a party. Seriously. Boobs look so much nicer in pretty bras instead of those giant granny bras that look like they’re made out of rope and a tarp. I got a nude microfiber one and a pink and green plaid with hearts one… so cute. I also got myself this totally cute peach babydoll top and a little red dress. I love clothes. The newest part of my wardrobe before were the two pairs of workpants I own and now can’t keep on without a serious belt.

I’m applying for Premium PBC coverage this month. Too many prescriptions. Goddamn b12 cream for a rash cost me 33.00. Fuck. Get a clue PharmaCare! Your healthcare is only free to those who don’t need it, or don’t use it! Cheap blimey fuckers.

Must be off.

Tomorrow: Meeting with MTV’s Cheyenne Kimball (excited. Her music is so cute!)
Wednesday: Scary clothes shopping, need some red fishnet arms.


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