Naive, Melodromatic Sentiments…

I am stepping precociously over your egg shells. Even as warily I wander, I wonder where this unsteady path leads me. I know that of the four-walled and four-doored universe I envelop myself in, the one before me is the only one I can breach. And yet, I’m apprehensive. The air will soon diminish from this cellular cube, and I will suffocate in this strange familiarity, but I am apprehensive.

All the headlines I see betray my gut. I urge to drive forward and forge something positive of this cloud looming overhead, and yet I am apprehensive. The silver lining gleams brightly, but that doubt still looms. Why these questions? Why do my insides quiver? Why does my id lean in such tantalizing terror?

I am left unsatisfied by this distasteful fear. I live in uneasy, unaware disillusionement and my soul is starving for clarity. Free me from this incompacitating prison. Release me from this barbaric idolatry. It isn’t right that your convictions have been forced so entirely onto me that even I believe them. I want to trust, because I love you. When you hold my hand, I’m sure that our connection is strong– insurmountable. I am sure that the mortal grip you support me in is but a testified reassurement and validation of my second thought, if only to lead me back to my first. And yet…

I am apprehensive.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/28/2006.

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