Okay, so I’ve had a couple of days pass. On the agenda this week:

-Parental visit (Monday)
-Apply for Extended Medical
-Not be sick or afflicted ANYMORE
-Pay phone bills
-Apply for MedicAlert (apparently I get a deal on my medical if I do this)

Okay, enough. The last few days have been good. I’m being backed into a corner by Tom and his sister Allie. I know they’re going to be fired. They know they’re going to be fired, but none of us are talking and are just playing an ultimate game of omission. (I know nothing, heard nothing, saw nothing…). I’m glad to have one day this week where I got home and I wasn’t so tired that I thought I’d be ill. Although, this disgusting heat may take that away from me. It’s disgustingly hot. I had to go to a clinic because I have an infection on one of my feet. I got it through like a cut or scrape and now it’s a full blown minor infection. I have to deal with it before it becomes an ulcer and they cut my foot off. Google some Foot Ulcer pics… very disturbing. If I have to lose my foot that way just kill me now.

Anyway, when I went in the doc checked my blood pressure after I mentioned my diabetes. This heat is driving it up. Although, I had been off my ace inhibitors for a few days, so that would bring up the BP too. I was like 140 over 88. He said it’s slight variation, but to keep hydrated and stuff. I’m trying. Our A/C at work kicked it the first day of the heatwave though, so I’m just DYING at work, and with the working part, the keeping hydrated has been rather difficult. I showed up at work last night half-naked and refused to put on my uniform. 😀 They let me.

JENNY! I MISS YOU! PIRATES IS HERE! HOW COME YOU’RE NOT HERE?!?!?! I CAN’T DROOL OVER ORLANDO BLOOM ALONE!!!! (Secretly I’m actually not drooling over Orlando, but daydreaming about Brandon Routh instead… *cackle*) Bizzotch, when you come for a vacay, you’ve got my digits.

Anyway… I’m getting that vertigo-tunnel-vision-stomach-mulcher feeling. I should go.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/23/2006.

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  1. *drool* I saw Pirates 1 day after opening 😀 Btw, 99% sure I’m moving to Victoria in sept for college.. So we’ll be a 10 dollar ferry away! YAY!!! 😀 😀 Take care muh biznizzle

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