Thursday Night’s Alright

Yeah, so here is my amazing concept of time. I was so tired this morning that I had it in my head that it was Friday the 13th, and I was disgustingly excited about it. How sad. I was going to bring some of my Friday The 13th movies to work tonight. No such luck. It’s just not the same on Thursday the 13th.

I have no idea what to watch. I was going to take Showgirls but that’s just not appropriate. Mmm… any suggestions?

Artee called me this morning. I’d been in bed for like 3 hours, so I was like: “WHAAA?! I know you. You’re that person I know… *drool of sleepy disdain*” I had a creepy dream that me and some of my friends were travelling to Whistler (which in my dream was called “Winterland”) and we had to travel through a town called Thorpe to get there. It was crazy. We were wandering through Thorpe and it looked like Whistler villiage only dry and warm, and we stayed at a crappy hotel where all the rooms are like trailers. There were no bathing facilities, so we ran to a run down old building that used to be a bathing facility. Inside it looked like the Hot Springs only with like, full private showers. One room had a giant throne shaped toilet in the middle, covered in wet toilet paper. We all picked our own stallsand wew bathing. We were being stalked by a murderer that looked a hell of a lot like Gena Rowlands…

Anyway… gotta go.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/13/2006.

One Response to “Thursday Night’s Alright”

  1. lol

    i leave for whistler first thing tomorrow morning.. i’m teaching workshops at the Whistler Children’s Art Festival all weekend 🙂

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