Graveyard Junkie

I honestly believe that Tab and movies are what are keeping me alive. I wrapped Angel Season 5 again this morning. I don’t know what I’ll watch now. It’s perverse, really, that I can get through a whole season of TV at work in three days.

Now tell me, I just bought a portable DVD player, should I still get a Creative Video? Or should I just take it back, complain that it doesn’t look very nice and trade it in for a Creative Video? I dunno. Steve is against the idea, but the idea of being able to hold 30 hours of movies in the palm of my hand is perversely exciting. I don’t know. The portable DVD player works, but it isn’t palm sized. I can watch it on the bus and at work but it’s the size of a tiny briefcase. A creative video is actually smaller than my giant mp3 player.

I think I am exhibiting partial buyers remorse and partial shopoholic syndrome. A deadly combo. I must be stopped.

And is it only me or are there other people obsessed with watching Allison get kicked off of Big Brother 7? Hehehehe. That evil bitch.

Oh, yes, I’m being stalked you know. Some guy followed me home from work on Monday, and he’s been calling me at work at night panting heavily into the phone. Apparently I should be scared about this. I just think it’s funny, and probably untrue. He’s probably just some guy trying to get a rise out of me. Well, he won’t get it. If I get haughty and nervous about it I’ll be giving him exactly what he wants. That’s what predators feed on. Fear.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line here on LJ. I posted some new pics up on myspace… if you’re a member go check ’em. So hawt. (Kidding). I gotta go to sleep now though. Love you all.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/12/2006.

One Response to “Graveyard Junkie”

  1. Creative Video all the way… smaller = better! 😀

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