Hello Everyone

Just to let everyone know, I am sitting in my apartment right now, on my own computer, typing my own words. 😀 (Teehee).


Oh and by the way… I’M 21! How in the shite did I get so old?



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/28/2006.

4 Responses to “Hello Everyone”

  1. 😛 if you’re old what does that make Timmy lol. Yay for the computerniss and internets, *ahem* and excuse my hyperactivity.

    • Allo

      I know. But it’s all new for me. I mean, when I was like 13, 14… the idea of being 18-20 was so… unattainable. I know that sounds absolutely stupid because EVERYONE grows up, it’s just… for some reason I never was sure I would. So when I wake up and go “Okay, you’re 21, go do grown-up things now” I still feel so young, like in my head and in my heart I’m not that old yet. Like… I still watch Ren & Stimpy, get it? LOL. It’s just a lot to obsorb sometimes.


      • Re: Allo

        Yeah I know what you mean, I turned 19 and was like, damn now I’m offically supposed to be an adult. Ah the joys of growing up eh? Also you never get too old for cartoons 😛 lol (oh and if this ends up being posted a bunch of times it’s because my mom’s computer is eville!)

      • Cartoons

        It only gets worse. I mean, 19 wasn’t bad. I was able to go drinking, and I went to the bar, and I finally got to go into the Liquor Store alone, but it wasn’t like “AHHH!” Now it’s like “Omigawd, I have to apply for medical… omigawd, I’ve voted TWICE! OMIGAWD! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! 21! TWENTY WUHUHUUUUUUNNNNEEEEEAAAWWWWWWWGGGHHHH!”

        AND cartoons rock. ‘Specially dirty ones. (LOL)


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