I finally managed to put this on. Yay.

Which one of these things is not like the other?

Love film make-up. Love it. Even a cop pulled over. He thought it was for real…

Me and my beautiful Neice…

The best photo of me ever taken…

My album cover!!!

And here is a survey…

001 Nationality: Canadian (I am Celtic, Native American and Danish too!)
002 Name: Kassondra MichelleStaschuk
003 Nickname(s): Kassi, Kass, (much to my eternal hatred): Sondy, Sandra, Sondra, Kassidy, K
004 School: Not currently matriculating.
005 Eyes: Brown
006 Height: 5’11” It’s been proven.
007 Siblings: Katrina, Victoria and Jordan
008 Ever Been Kissed: Hello? 20 years old. YES.
009 Ever Cheated/Been Cheated On?: Cheated on (not by Steve).
010 Ever Missed School Because It Was Raining?: Yes. It’s called a flood.
011 Ever Faked Sick?: Lots
012 Kept A Secret From Everyone?: Yeah. That’s part of being human.
013 Had An Imaginary Friend?: Not that I recall.
014 Wanted To Hook Up With A Guy/Girl Friend? Hell yes.
015 Cried During A Movie?: Yes.
016 Crush: Justin Timberlake, and the Red Bull delivery guy, Ty.
017 Ever Thought Of Animated Characters As Hot? No.

018 Drink: Red Bull.
019 Food: Umm… hard. My Dad’s Tofu Chili I think. And Hot Wings.
020 Restaurant: La Bia’s, Charlie Don’t Surf or Moby Dick’s. Mmm.
021 Shampoo: Herbal Essences Fruit Infusions.
022 Color: Purple.
023 Winter Or Summer?: Spring and Summer. Warm, sunny and snowless.
024 Favorite Show?: The OC and Smallville.
025 Lace, Silk Or Satin?: Egyptian Cotton.
026 When Is Your Birthday?: The 28th of May.
027 Who Do You Go To For Advice?: My Mom. But I don’t always do what she advises.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/12/2006.

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