Not Fade Away

Good afternoon Livejournaliens!

So it has been a little while. Steve and I went to see V For Vendetta, which blew me away. I had heard things about it from hardcore fans of the graphic novel and was expecting a highly anticipated piece of crap (no offence to the actors because they are amazing). But it was done really well. You knew without a doubt watching it that the filmmakers and the cast truly cared about bringing the original vision of the graphic novel to the screen, and to do it justice by doing it WELL. It showed.

Shortly after that Steve and I found the most amazing soundtrack section in all of Vancouver, and I’m not telling WHERE. We got:

-The Butterfly Effect (Score)
-The Last Samurai (Score)
-The Island (Score)
-The Notebook (Score Included)
-V For Vendetta (Score)
-House Of Wax (Score)
-The Grudge (Score)

Our TV died, so we’re in the market for a new one. My Grandparents are donating a 19″ Sony Vega with a DVD combo to us but we’ve been given permission to sell it against payment on a bigger one. We can get a nice flat screen at cost at Future Shop. Gotta love connections. 🙂

Work is good. I got another raise.

We’re almost finished my song: “Your God.” That’s the one we’re doing a video for. After that we’re doing more with “Never.” I don’t like it as much, even though I wrote it. I think I might scrap the instrumental and re-do it or something. It’s too poppy for the lyrics. I feel like a member of Powerman 5000 when I sing it.

WE’RE GOING TO SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND IN AUGUST! YAY! I can’t wait. Very excited. I bought advanced sale tix from CFOX yesterday. 😀 They went on sale at 10am this morning, general admission.

Anyway, I’m being paid right now so I should go.



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