Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days

Hello ladies and gents,

It has been awhile. Sorry I was away, but I haven’t been able to get to an internet-capable port recently. Life is better. Steve and I are comfortably moved into our new place. We have a good routine down now, where the bulk of our concern is keeping the hydro paid and doing the dishes. Sometimes we feign frusteration when somebody has stolen our parking spot at 3am, but otherwise we have no major worries for the moment.

I had another health scare. My diabetes has progressed. I may need to start taking oral insulin, because I refuse to take needles. I won’t. People already make me take too many blood tests and I have a really bad, dark scar on the top of my left hand from the multiple pokings. I have to be EXTREMELY careful what I eat and when. I literally have to time my meals and snacks, and have food with me all the time, otherwise my blood sugar crashes and spikes all over the place.

I’ve been fighting off chronic illness since November, which my Doctor had chalked up to stress, with having to move over flu season, etc. It may be that, but they are now leaning towards my medications or progressed hyperglyciema (diabetes). It happens, and they’re hoping that I can get a handle on it and stay away from pills. With my 21st birthday coming up I will have to join Blue Cross next month, which I’m not even sure I can afford, and the last thing I need is more prescriptions to pay for.

Shai-Ann is getting so big. She has 8 teeth now, and talks quite a lot. She imitates the noises from the sirens she hears, and likes to grab peoples noses and yell “Mee-Meep!” I had her over last week and she picked up an empty box and said to Steve: “No more!” I showed her herself in a mirror after I put her hair in little pig-tails and she pointed at her reflection and yelled “Hi baby!” I caught her getting out of bed one night trying to put her empty bottle on her night-stand instead of falling asleep with it in her bed. She’s so smart!

Steve is doing well. He’s been tired lately but he’s having a great time at work and with friends. We are trying to make more time for each other since we haven’t had time off together in forever. That reminds me, I should probably get going, because he is here with me.

Talk to you all soon! Love you!



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One Response to “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days”

  1. Hey Kassi!
    I hope every thing happens out well with your diabetes. Sounds like it’s a lot to handle. It sounds like you two are doing well otherwise 🙂
    that’s wonderful!
    take care of yourself!
    say hi to Steve for me!
    miss ya!

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