Now Leaving….

Hello all,

Just a quick one. The front of the Province today said “commuter Chaos”. So I’m on the bus to Lonsdale Quay and I see a store I walk past every day that has just been gutted by fire. And not one, but all three along the strip. I wanted to get off the bus and just hug the owners. How awful for them, so close to Christmas, to lose their investment, their income and their livelihood. How stinking terrible.

I get to work and grab my paycheque and I help out a bit before going to the bank to cash it. Then on the way home I’m standing at the bus stop and suddenly I see images so strong and so awfully vivid. I see people huddled around the bus stop with their umbrellas up, unwilling to share or conserve space or let someone by and I think to myself: vanity. I see people with armfuls of bags rushing to get where they need to get to and I think: “greed” and I see ads on the bus stop: “envy”… it just wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t NOT see it. It was horrible.

People have forgotten Christmas. I feel like I am standing still in this cloud of sin, and I am not apart from it. I too WANT to go home, and I too did not stop to comfort the people who have experienced this amazing loss, and I too just want to turn my head away and move on. I am not innocent, but seeing it is a wake up call. It’s grotesque.

(9 days)



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 12/23/2005.

One Response to “Now Leaving….”

  1. Oh hey, change of plans! I’ll be here when you get to Terrace so give me a call (615-5574 or my cell 631-9576)

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