Rebel Tyranny

Hello everyone

I haven’t really updated in awhile, which is a shame. We still don’t have the internet, but as things progress, we hope to be more settled where we are, and enjoy the comfort of some sort of tangible routine.

Steve finally got all of his money from his old boss, so there is no remaining business between them. He got a job at Boston Pizza, which seems to be paying him well thus far.

Our dreams of getting a car are officially dead. With how much it will be to buy one and insure one there is just no hope left. My car, which is with my Dad, has incurred some more damage sitting in one spot all winter, and it pretty much totally seized and is now essentially a 4 ton paperwheight.

Work is going well. I got burned pretty bad on the hand, purely out of my own stupidity. I’ve been pulling long shifts and exhausting hours and ended up getting a bad cold, so I’m off sick for a few days. I’m enjoying that time and resting up and walking and trying not to let myself rot at home in the dark.

I’m considering a digital camera. We finally found some excellent locations for my first music video, and are trying to contact the right people to gain rights to use those locations. My music is back underway. We have partial production on 6 more songs, and we’re trying to prioritize them and get some momentum going.

As for coming to Terrace later this month or early the next, it isn’t happening, although we ARE absolutely still arranging to come up for Christmas vacation.

Oh, by the way, Stutterfly’s first album is out via Maverick Records (And We Are Bled Of Color). I bought it. It rocks. And I’m going to see Nine Inch Nails on the 26th. 😛

Aside from that not a whole lot is going on. So I will go so someone else can use the computer. 😀



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 09/18/2005.

4 Responses to “Rebel Tyranny”

  1. Glad you guys are doing well, and yeah…I’m sooo psyched about the NIN concert…and KMFDM…and Children Of Bodom…hehe, anyways..

    I saw Stutterfly about a year ago in Langley, and, I dunno…they’ve gone “emo” though, which is like..not very cool. I guess it’s just the new members incorporating what “they feel”, and kinda fucking up the band a bit, ah well.

  2. Jealous for the NIN. If they don’t play Closer you need to throw things.

    Ahhh, Vancouver. Lucky ducks.


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