Finally, a cure for cancer…

Hello everyone.

Just in the Futureshop looking for patches for my singles game. It occurred to me awhile ago that there are people in my life who have dominant/submissive problems. I think it’s totally fucked up. I know I can be a little bit controlling sometimes, but I never realized how many people have some serious control issues. Anyone who feels the need to totally degrade and humiliate another person to feel any sort of gratification is so incredibly fucked up. These are the kind of people who rape little children. Trust me, I knew a fare share of child rapists who got off on torturing their spouses and sex partners. And then its down to the simplest momming or dadding on the spouses part. If you need to treat your partner like your slave, you have serious problems and need to seek professional help.

Like today for example. As I was leaving work I made a crack to Nathan about how nobody I met today knew how to think for themselves. Well a male customer then retorted with “What do women know about thinking?” Anyway, it pretty well ended in me threatening to cut his small dick off and feeding it to a poodle. Of course, I added that it might take some time, as I would need to procure a pair of fine hair tweezers to complete the task. Men who think like that have no dicks. They’re totally fucking brainless. I worry about some people. Like I see these fucked up criminal pedophillic tendencies in some people, and then the failure to maintain the will to succeed at anything in others. Usually the two are hand in hand and this is a bad, bad combination.

Anyway, I’m glad I have a man who can put his foot down and still treat me like I’m a human being… and likewise with myself.

We met our new landlords. They threw in free cable when they came in. They’re so nice, and they totally have the cutest kids. 😀 I hope this will all end well. Blair and Fox are awesome.

I had a great time at my Mom’s. I really missed her. It kind-of sucks though because they make me feel so horrible for having diabetes. I feel imprisoned by my disease when I am with them. That and my Dad flaunts his special treatment of my little sister all the time, like I should feel guilty. Well I don’t, I feel hurt. I just don’t understand. I feel replaced, though I don’t think that’s his intention. I think he just wants to make my little sister feel included and in doing so just simply forgets that I exist or something. But they did give me one great thing: UMAC Core. You people should all take it.

Unique Sea Farms is the first company in the world to develop the technology that taps into this life-force, and UMAC (Unique Marine Algae Concentrate) CORE is the result. This revolutionary product is comprised of salt-water algae undetectable to the naked eye. Cultivating these wild microalgae in commercial quantities was once thought to be impossible by leading scientists. Our truly unique and organic process cultivates the algae, then extracts the nutrients in a form available to the human body. This concentrated, pure form extract gives you the possibility to access the various elements your body requires.

The broad spectrum of nutrients found in the many species of cultivated marine algae makes UMAC-CORE a nutritional powerhouse. UMAC-CORE contains a wide range of rare trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, chlorophyll, enzymes, and cellular material not found in other super green foods. This rich source includes many elements that most bodies now lack, such as selenium and sulfur.

The popularity of “GREEN SUPER FOODS” cannot be denied. Natural products enhance our well being and promote longevity. UMAC-CORE derived from the sea is entirely natural and offers nutrients simply not available through most other products. Unlock the secrets of the ocean for use in your cells, and unlock your true health potential.

UMAC-CORE incorporates potentially over 200 wild microalgae found growing in the pristine coastal waters on the West Coast of Canada, each species contributing distinctive and enriching properties. These nutrients promote and maintain optimum health by boosting and supporting all systems within the human body. Our exclusive, proprietary process allows the cellular material to be readily available to the body, affording you the maximum benefits of Earth’s most perfect food source. Read More

Anyway, the man who created the stuff was terminally ill with fatal lung cancer. He only had 4 months to live. He harvested phytoplankton samples for a living to track the feeding habits of sea life on the South Coast. He decided he wanted to know what it tasted like, so he started eating it. A month later he went for a checkup to see how badly his cancer had progressed, and when his doctors were shocked as shit. His cancer was gone. Not just in remission, but GONE. His daughter decided to start eating it and went from a size 11 to a 4. And the man’s diabetes went into remission. He was type 1, diabetes dependent from BIRTH. Other users of it have said that it improved their blood pressure, they were able to stop smoking just like that after 20 years of struggling, tons of wheight loss and some stopped needing to wear glasses.

The FDA is still testing it, to see all the benefits it has, but it has been FDA approved, you can buy it in health food stores. Everyone is calling it a miracle drug, and though nobody wants to say for sure, lots of people, including the guy who made it, are calling it the cure for cancer.


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