Hello everyone,

Sorry for the longness between entries, things got really complicated and I don’t have the internet. First off, I wish I had my pictures here but I don’t, but the Canada Day concert was awesome. There was Britt Black, Shocore, State Of Shock and Bif Naked, and they were all awesome. I got moshed against too hard and security pulled me backstage, so I got to sit with all the acts and chat and got autographs. It was pretty cool.

As for everything else, Steve and I were in a car accident. We’re okay but we lost the van, and Steve quit his job, so we’re trying to recover right now. We don’t have the money for a new car right now, but we’ll be okay. We’re dealing with our shit. But just to clarify, we are okay. I’ll have more updates later when I have more time. Love you guys, enjoy the summer and take care. Jen- Hugs bitch. 🙂



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/14/2005.

3 Responses to “Updaterness”

  1. I wish I’d known you were going to be at the concert on Canada Day.. I would have gone and found you in the mess of the crowd and made you meet my Steev.

  2. holy shit what happened and why did steve quit his job?

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