Cheesed Off

Hello everybody!

Just a quick update. Nothing much else has changed since my last entry. Britt Black and Bif Naked are next Friday, got the day off and I am sooo going. The new album, Superbeautifulmonster is out Tuesday and I am tickled! Bif is totally gorgeous. Steve was going to steal me a huge poster of her. 😀

I’m proud of myself. The station passed the Spring Blitz with flying colors. All we have to get through now is the inventory tomorrow. I was surprised because I was the first employee ever to get 100% of the reward money from the review, so that made me feel pretty excellent. The last few days have been uber crazy. I bagged 150 bags of ice in the last two days, and I restocked the entire Chevron cooler three times. It’s kinda exhausting and I hurt my back doing it. We’ve been so nuts at work, even with gas at 102.8. Sheesh.

Now, please don’t jump to conclusions, stay calm, and don’t assume anything. There’s something going around that I would like to address before someone hears the information wrong. Earlier this month, my diabetic specialist found a lump on the right side of my throat just above my clavicle. I am due for an ultrasound in July to make a prognosis as to whether or not a biopsy is necessary. For the time being they are telling me not to be concerned, so please, don’t be.

Love you guys. Party on. I plan to go to a club and get mildly drunk off of 1/4 of 1 beer.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 06/26/2005.

2 Responses to “Cheesed Off”

  1. Hehe, I know what you mean about gas prices. I get to run around and pump the stuff. It’s quite hellish when when the price drops to 80-something and it’s hot out…

    I hope all goes well with the ultrasound and that the lump turns out to be nothing really bad.

  2. That’s awesome you have so many connections. I’m wicked jealous of the celebrity love, especially Bif. I know you’ll be okay, but thinking good thoughts for you anyway. Party on!

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