Barely awake

Hello all

I’m being bad right now. Anyway, it has been a really long time since I updated and I thought that I would fill you in on some stuff. We’re not moving. Our house was sold on May 31st and we were asked by the buyers to stay and continue our rent agreement under them. We hope to renegotiate it later, once we have developed a relationship with them and they get to know us as tenants. We are looking to get a small cat if we can, and are finally, FINALLY moving in and getting properly unpacked.

My boss sold his business and moved to Penticton. Our station is under new management, Mike Shaw and Dave Lueneberg, who are very nice, organized, business oriented men. I’ve since passed two head-office inspections as the sole cashier with flying colors and may be expecting a promotion.

As for things, Steve is doing really well. He got his first job as an official video cart assistant, doing video playback recording for Bif Naked’s new video for “Letdown.” I got to meet her. She is totally gorgeous and so extremely nice. I drew her a portrait and she signed one of my CD’s. I’m going to see her in concert on Canada Day. Steve also had me on the set of Jennifer Garner’s new movie, Catch & Release for a few days. I met her. She’s very sweet and extremely generous. Ben Affleck has been poking his head on and off set now and then. She stars opposite Timothy Olyphant, who is totally hilarious and a really great actor. Kevin Smith has been on set (Silent Bob), and he signed our copy of Clerks X.

Steve was hoping to get video assistant on a Bollywood movie that was going to start production next month, but production was postponed, and he has been offered a choice between Dungeon Seige and X-Men 3. Rob, Steve’s boss, and I are starting a business arrangement. I will be building a series of websites for him and we will be putting together a recording studio, so I might have a really great opportunity ahead of me. We’ll see. 🙂

As for my health, things are much better. I am going on the South Beach Diet, which my dietician and I discovered was originally developed for people living with and managing their diabetes. I go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, and my stats are all coming in within range, although my specialist has found a growth in my neck. He is unsure what it is, and I am scheduled for a round of ultrasounds, although it is too soon to worry that it is anything but a mistake. I’m sure everything is fine.

Our car was nearly broken into, again. Steve noticed that someone tried to wrench open the back door of the van with a crowbar, and they broke the lock. The door will not open or close at all, and he has had to use the side door to load and unload film equipment, which is a real inconvenience. So we have to have that door replaced. Fortunately it should be covered under ICBC, once the RCMP gets back to us with our claim number. We are looking at getting a Mercedes Smart car though, under lease. My work services their cars daily, so I may be able to get a special deal on a really nice one. They lease for relatively cheap but are very good on gas.

Anyway, I must go. I love you all, take care and give me a call sometime. Luvs.


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  1. Omg what film did steve choose? How much is it to lease a smart car? Ive been bugging mum to find out and maybe lease one. You’ll have to send me the link for the sites you create cause I wanna look at em 🙂 Oh yeah I might be coming down to Vancouver sometime in late july/early august. I’ll have to phone you when I have more solid plans. I hope your okay, btw. A lump on your neak? Scary dude. I’ll phone you sometime soon

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