Friday The Thirteenth

I looked at the sky last night, and saw that the moon was red. Blood on the moon, blood on the moon, today is Friday the Thirteenth. There is only ever a lunar eclipse the night before Friday the 13th every 1300 years, and on that day there is more negative energy than any other year between. Wiccans, grab your tiger’s eyes and pray for good fortune.

My fortune today said that a brown eyed stranger would be a vital instrument in my success.

In other news, Stutterfly made the House Of Wax soundtrack (which is so worth buying). Anyhow, I’m at future shop, so I better let you go. Just dropped in to check up on my beloved bitches and ho’s. Jenny, I miss you so much it’s painful. I bought Pirates Of The Carribean and Bend It Like Beckham and they make me cry cuz you’re not there. Miss you babe. You’s my best ho. *hug*



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/13/2005.

3 Responses to “Friday The Thirteenth”

  1. whoa, I go them for making it to a movie soundtrack! I remember back in the day, when they were playing Terrace!
    that’s awsome for them!

  2. awww *hugs* dont cry! I miss you lots and lots too. I’ll try to visit you sometime this summer.

    Dude, you met John Cusak? Sweet! If you meet Orlando Bloom you have to fed-ex him to me!!!!! LOL Or that hot guy that played Galahad/Prince Charmont in King Arthur/Ella Enchanted. YUM! and I needseseses their autographs 😀 and to hide them under my bed.. and have hot monkey sex with them. (not with John though, just Orlando and Mr. Hot Galahad dude)..Hot mooooooonkeeeeey seeeeex.. hahahaha

    I Robot totally kicked asssssssssss!!! Excuse all the exclamation marks but I LURVED it! So how did Steve manage to get a job with that dude? Tell Steve taht he ROCKS! I hope he gets more awesome jobs.

    Talking about music, my friend Krystal is getting me to write piano accompanyment to the songs shes written. She emailed Capitol Records and they emailed her back asking for a demo album. Thats why she wants me to write piano music (and play the songs) when she records her demo. I was kinda shocked and very flattered that she asked me cuase shes really good.

    SO when are you going to record your song? I really look forward to seeing it on Much Music! Than I can point you out to my friends and we can all stare and go whaaaaaaoooo… lol

  3. Holy shit dude. I just saw Kingdom of Heaven. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!!! You HAVE to see it!!!!!!!! Lol not just cause Orlando Bloom was hot but it was actually a really good movie, I’d rec it even if The Fabulous Mr. Bloom wasnt in it. 🙂

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